Pacific Content: Your Podcast Needs a Playbook to Succeed


PodMov Daily: Monday, August 3

Episode 255: Your Monday Mix

Pacific Content: Your Podcast Needs a Playbook to Succeed

For Steve Robinson of Pacific Content, experience has shown that clearly defined structure will make or break a podcast. For each client, the agency uses an “over-arching show outline to guide us along through the production process.” Indie creators, take note: small shows also benefit from a bible.

“Every podcast — every successful podcast, at least — makes a promise to its listener, right?” Showrunner Mio Adilman insists on planning a show's identity ahead of time. “The bible is there to ensure consistency of focus and of promise […] If you don’t have a bible outlining format, there’s no way you’re going to have a successful product.”

What’s the secret to an effective playbook? Think like a marketer. Define the show’s scope, how it will look and sound, and how it will stand out. Beyond that, Robinson suggests, you'll need hard answers to “why you’re making the podcast in the first place, and what your show’s personality and values are.”

Engage Consistently: How to Translate for a Niche Audience

Podcasters serving niche audiences have nuanced work cut out for them. If you aim narrowly enough, says Jeremy Enns of Counterweight Creative, “It’s likely that no one has ever addressed those few dozen topics in a way that is specifically tailored to your audience.” Try refocusing your lens on that connection.

“All you need to do is consume information broadly and always be asking, ‘How does this apply to my audience?' Enns says. Visualize their perspective on each issue. “You’ll be surprised by the parallels that begin to form as you simply go about your daily life with that question constantly running in the back of your mind.”

Enns explains, “Once you embrace your role as a translator, someone who is able to take existing ideas and tailor them to your people in a way they understand, you’ve unlocked the ability to create infinite original content.” When you consciously observe on behalf of your listeners, episode inspiration is everywhere.

Scarlett: Transform Your Podcast with Studio-Quality Sound

Your audio interface defines your podcast’s sound for listeners everywhere. With over 3 million units sold, Scarlett by Focusrite is the world’s best-selling USB interface range. Why? Unmatched quality and features make Scarlett’s 3rd generation the best choice, bar none.

All 6 interfaces in the Scarlett range work with just a computer, any XLR microphone, and the recording software you’re already using. Even better, Scarlett Solo and Scarlett 2i2 studio bundles come with a premium condenser mic, professional closed-back headphones, and cables for instant setup.

Superior sound, meet superior user experience. Loopback on select units now allows Skype or Zoom calls to be recorded directly into your software — no workarounds needed. A cherry on top, the new Air feature adds brightness and presence to your voice.

Scarlett is one great decision away. Ready to transform your podcast?

Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Sitting still: Why isn’t podcasting bigger on smart speakers? Fresh from speaking at the Global Podcasting Leadership Summit, Tom Webster of Edison Research points to a simple phrase (“You can’t read a book in the bathroom”) to explain a major practical roadblock.
  • Nice try: Daniel Ek is taking heat for glib comments following Spotify's Q2 earnings announcement. The billionaire CEO’s latest justification for dismally low streaming payouts: “You can’t record music once every three to four years and think that’s going to be enough.”
  • For sport: The Ringer's new documentary podcast series The Cam Chronicles examines the vivid and controversial life of NFL star Cam Newton. Nicholas Quah praises host Tyler R. Tynes, whose approach “offers an appealing window into what podcast narration can be.”
  • Package deal: co-founder and COO Dan Daugherty is “working on democratizing the advertiser/podcaster relationship.” Daugherty and social media manager Gabrielle Lang detail the origins and philosophy of the freemium-model hosting service.

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