PM Evolutions to Host The Infinite Dial 2022 in LA


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, December 8

Episode 551: Your Midweek Update

PM Evolutions to Host The Infinite Dial 2022 in LA

For the first time ever, The Infinite Dial will be presented in-person in 2022. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be hosting Edison Research at Evolutions, creating new opportunities to learn as an industry. Some thoughts from Edison’s SVP Tom Webster, who will be presenting the results:

“We tried to get Infinite Dial in front of a live audience in March of 2020, but history intervened at the last minute. Two years later, with the help of Podcast Movement, Edison Research is delighted to be able to realize this vision, and we can’t wait to see you all in LA as we reveal the very latest stats for the podcast industry and beyond.”

Tracked annually since 1998, the Infinite Dial is the longest-running survey of digital media consumer behavior in America. This year’s report revealed that 80 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly, that podcasts are reaching their most diverse audience ever, and much more. Stay tuned for details.

Reporting Back on 350 Hours of Joe Rogan

Controversy around Joe Rogan, common as it is, can turn the world’s biggest podcaster into background noise. Alex Paterson is a Media Matters reporter “dedicated to cataloging Joe Rogan’s bonkers claims,” which is way less fun than it sounds. As he tells Ashley Carman of Hot Pod, the public damage is undeniable.

“Just from listening to him every day, he’s by no means remitting conspiracy theories and false rhetoric on his show. If anything, he’s leaning into it more,” Paterson says. Despite Rogan’s lies about COVID-19 vaccination, trans people, and “left-wing people” starting wildfires, Spotify has continued to promote its exclusive star.

Indicating that anti-trans sentiment was acceptable on the show, Rogan told a guest, “You can say whatever you want. We’re on Spotify.” Paterson notes this and other examples in his recent piece “Joe Rogan Wrapped,” an assessment of over 350 hours of content. Sorry, podcasters, about the guy from “Fear Factor.”

Timber: Shape the Future of Quality-First Podcast Hosting

Timber is looking for craft-loving, independent podcasters to beta test its new hosting service. Testers will receive a year of free hosting with a quality-first approach. The interface is clean and intuitive, the analytics are beautiful and user-friendly, and import is lightning fast.

The service is nearly two years in the making, and it shows. From episode management to analytics, each feature is designed to serve passionate, experienced podcasters. Your feedback will shape an even better experience for a growing community.

This offer is limited to the first 50 shows that commit. If you’re interested, please email or fill out this form. Need another reason to sign up? Someday, when all the best independent shows are hosted on Timber, you'll be able to say you were here first.

‘Free speech’ — not to be confused with ‘profitable speech’ — is the true beauty and saving grace of podcasting.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Seeing stars: The 8th of every month is Podcast Review Day. Celebrate the last #podrevday of 2021 by reviewing a show and posting it to Twitter. Founder Stephanie Fuccio says it best: “This impact, this connection, this feedback, this is why many independent podcasters do what we do.”
  • Heavy rotation: Next Wednesday, December 15, “Super Listeners 2021” will reveal in-depth analysis of those who listen to five or more hours of podcasts weekly. The third annual webinar will be presented by Edison Research, iHeartMedia, and Ad Results Media. Free registration; begins 2:00 pm ET.

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