The Ideal Length & Placement of a Podcast Ad


PodMov Daily: Monday, April 25

Episode 632: Your Monday Mix

The Ideal Length & Placement of a Podcast Ad

When you search for a definitive answer, you’ll get conflicting advice – and that’s a good thing. Marketing Brew asked 15 industry experts to describe the perfect length and place for a podcast ad. Beware the ‘always’ directive. For example, post-roll can be a sweet spot for episodic shows played back-to-back.

Mid-roll spots make sense when you think like a listener, says PM President Dan Franks. “Listeners often have their phone in their hand as they are starting an episode, so it’s easiest to skip the commercials, and when an episode is over, they’ll often grab their phone and do the same.” (Who among us can deny it?)

One length that wasn’t mentioned is the micro-promo. In the miniseries Running From COPS, host Dan Taberski ‘takes a moment’ to mention Stitcher Premium. Your editor found that 10-second spots are too short to skip, but also too short to interrupt. Something to consider for quick-witted brands.

Even at NPR, Podcast Merch is a Comic Struggle

“Is this a real business or a fundraising scam?” one impatient listener asked Planet Money. The NPR podcast team had promised a special piece of memorabilia – a comic book based on a superhero called Micro-Face. From design to printing to financial logistics, the journey was a creative nightmare.

“You know, when we set out to make a comic book, we did not see the big picture,” admits co-host Kenny Malone. “We didn't know that comic books have a complicated and fragile supply chain that does not take into account, let's say, the naivety of a couple of podcasters.” This is how you do a team confessional.

Not only does the book have a radio interview scene, complete with a whole panel of mic-level setting. On May 10, an “Infinity Gauntlet of joyous nerdom” is coming to Brooklyn. The Micro-Face Superhero Musical (seriously) will be performed alongside the first live taping of Planet Money in nearly a decade.

How would an ideal production and monetization platform power your show? Independent podcasters, the next-generation solution is being built with you in mind. It’s a platform with production tools, monetization features, and professional guidance found nowhere else in the industry. 

The goal is to help podcasters level up ― sharpen their skills, grow their audiences, and boost revenue with strategies used by the largest networks. To ensure the best possible product, the team would love your input. All who complete a quick 5-minute survey will receive a $10 Starbucks card on the house.

The first 25 qualifying respondents can have an even deeper impact on the platform in beta. This is your chance to join an industry-steering committee and development team for the next generation of podcast tools. To help shape the future, simply share your voice.

I can never find the thing that does the job best until I find the ones that don’t.

Here's what else is going on:

  • With love: Through the rest of April (five more days!), Podchaser’s #Reviews4Good event is benefiting World Central Kitchen’s efforts in Ukraine. 25 cents will be donated for every show and episode review left on the platform. When a podcaster replies to a review, the donation doubles.
  • Power move: This Wednesday at 4:00 ET is “Pro Tools Special Effects” from Dustlight Productions. In the hands-on workshop, producer Stephanie Cohn will teach the basics of plugins, how to better layer sounds and effects, and Pro Tools tricks to make sound designing easier. $75 registration.
  • Comedy club: Applications for the Stitcher Breakthrough Fellowship are due this Thursday. The 6-month paid role (July-December) is open to podcasters with 3+ years of experience. Under the LA-based Earwolf team, the fellow will learn audio engineering, Pro Tools, script editing, and more.

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