Podcast Adtech: Creating More Opportunities for Women


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, March 9

Episode 386: Testing, One Two-sday

Podcast Adtech: Creating More Opportunities for Women

How do we get more women involved in podcast adtech? Twila Dang, founder and CEO of Matriarch Digital Media, explores strategies in this week’s edition of Sounds Profitable. Dang consults women leaders in the adtech space for their ideas on education, internship, and expanding opportunities.

“With all of the success we are seeing at the corporate level of podcasting, there should be more contributions from the top down to make our industry sustainable long-term,” Dang writes. “That doesn’t just mean profit. It means creating a pipeline for learning, job creation and career growth over time.”

Peer-to-peer learning is a strength of podcasting, Dang says, but “we’re relying too heavily on individuals to fill in support gaps that the industry should be coming together to provide.” Paid internships, like those launched by Lemonada Media at HBCUs, are key to setting higher standards that entice new talent.

Apple’s Curated ‘Kids & Family’ Podcast Hub

In partnership with Common Sense Media, Apple has launched a Kids & Family podcast hub with age-based content recommendations. According to Sarah Perez of TechCrunch, none of Apple’s top 100 podcasts are directed toward young listeners but the market has grown during the pandemic.

“Adding kids’ programming could play into Apple’s future ambitions, perhaps, as 64% of parents who listen to podcasts said they’re likely to purchase a paid subscription to podcasts for their kids,” Perez writes. NPR’s 2020 Spoken Word Audio Report indicated that many parents already listen alongside their children.

The new collection lives within Apple Podcasts, unlike the dedicated kids’ corrals on Spotify and Amazon. Common Sense has curated the lineup from companies including Tinkercast, American Public Media, Gen-Z Media, Pinna, Tumble, Highlights, WNYC Studios, Rebel Girls, and Nickelodeon.

The Ken Coleman Show: Career Advice You Can Trust

In this time of economic struggle, career solutions are more urgent than ever. Each week on The Ken Coleman Show, radio veteran and bestselling author Ken Coleman delivers practical advice you can trust. Tune in for caller-driven conversations with actionable answers.

“Ken skillfully meets listeners where they are, whether they’re a seasoned worker who’s been laid off, or furloughed, or the new graduate who’s entering a competitive and challenging job market,” says Brian Mayfield, executive vice president of Ramsey Media, home to The Ramsey Network of shows.

Many of us are in new territory and searching for a plan. Through career transitions, job losses, and more, Ken’s expert insights help thousands plan for a secure future. Ready to build career confidence? Subscribe to The Ken Coleman Show wherever you get your podcasts.

It is good people who make good places.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Gotta bounce: In advance of Thursday’s 2021 Infinite Dial presentation, Edison Research SVP Tom Webster teases the skip button. “Ad-skipping behavior is something that we have tracked for years, and in podcasting at least, this year's data struck us all as a tick upwards, to be sure.”
  • Sure sign: How do you receive a fair and beneficial contract for your audio fiction project? From WGA Audio Alliance (Writers Guild of America East), “5 Ways to Optimize Your Audio Fiction Contract” explains how to advocate during negotiation from deal structure to derivative rights.
  • Keeping up: Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces have a crucial difference in data storage policies, writes Matt Binder of Mashable. “It has to do with the way they're recording your audio conversations — yes, it's all being recorded — and what happens to that data after your live chat is over.” 
  • Kids’ menu: Applications for the Ready To Learn podcast accelerator are due next Friday, March 19. Five teams will be selected to participate in a 16-week intensive training, developed by PRX and PBS KIDS, to develop educational audio content for children ages 4–8. Review FAQs here.

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