Audio Explained: Peaky, Crunchy, Warm, and Punchy


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, August 9

Episode 697: Testing, One Two-sday

Audio Explained: Peaky, Crunchy, Warm, and Punchy

‘Name it to tame it’ is the key principle of learning audio terms, according to several podcast producers. Knowing how to describe audio not only helps you communicate, but to troubleshoot effectively when something sounds ‘off.’ YouTube tutorials won’t help much if you’re not sure how to search.

Audio equipment reviewer Zak Khan explains ‘crunchy,’ ‘peaky,’ and ‘hollow’ to the rest of us. Many of the food-related descriptors are floating signifiers – they’re subjective, but recognizable when we hear them. Others, including ‘punchy,’ ‘tinny,’ and ‘dry,’ have actual definitions to help them down.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) outlines these standards here. Whether you’re fixing a problem or searching for theme music, a clear description will speed up the process. It also enhances the feedback and criticism you’re able to give other podcasters. Take notes and thank us later.

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Star power: “How to Book a Celebrity on Your Podcast” from Podbean is this evening at 6:00 ET. Eric Hunley (Unstructured) will discuss pitch strategies, approaching the Big Ask, and securing high-profile guests with professionalism. Attendees can ask questions live on YouTube. Free registration.
  • Warm welcome: The first Black Podcasters Association Summer Social is coming up on August 20. Held in Brooklyn, NY, the networking event for podcast creators and industry professionals will include a fireside chat with Anthony Frasier, CEO & Founder of ABF Creative. Registration starts at $20.
  • After dark: NPR’s Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me! has announced a 10-city standup comedy tour. The popular weekly news quiz is spicier off the air, says creator Doug Berman. “These are the funniest Wait Wait panelists, uncensored.” Two Michigan dates are set for late October, with the rest coming soon.

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