Podcast Deals Aren’t Doomed to Be Like Film & TV


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, May 4

Episode 638: Your Midweek Update

Podcast Deals Aren’t Doomed to Be Like Film & TV

Podcast deals may seem more similar to film and TV deals by the day, but their fate isn’t yet sealed. In Sounds Profitable, media lawyer Alexia Bedat outlines how large-scale podcast deals work. From her experience working on both sides, she thinks we’re unlikely to fully adopt the old, static system. 

“The general framework of a “Hollywood talent agreement” is predictable and to date, largely evolution-proof,” Bedat says. Clearly, podcast deals are anything but ‘evolution-proof.’ (She was inspired to write on this topic by Donald Albright, who spoke about the evolution of media deals onstage – at PM Evolutions.)

It’s not just the paperwork. “In Hollywood, it typically takes a Scarlett Johansson/Disney-level contractual dispute for the inner workings of an agreement to come to light.” Much of the podcast community, on the other hand, does an excellent job of keeping the spotlight on creator advocacy. Keep it up.

How to Craft a Podcast's Brand Experience

What do people say about your podcast when you're not in the room? A strong “brand experience” is the way to influence that conversation many times over, writes Captivate CEO Mark Asquith. “Connecting with your listeners and parlaying that brand is a significant and often overlooked bridge.”

A standout brand experience may seem like a lot to take on. Asquith offers an efficient solution that keeps the workload problem in mind: “There are two vital cornerstones of your brand that you can nail down right now. Think of them [as] the core “tests” that any decision that you make for your podcast must pass.”

A lasting brand experience is based on these two questions: How will you “reward” engagement? How do you want to be described? Asquith explains how to approach them and why they make a podcast’s brand scalable — a quality that’s left out when creators focus on content and promotion alone.

How would an ideal production and monetization platform power your show? Independent podcasters, the next-generation solution is being built with you in mind. It’s a platform with production tools, monetization features, and professional guidance found nowhere else in the industry. 

The goal is to help podcasters level up ― sharpen their skills, grow their audiences, and boost revenue with strategies used by the largest networks. To ensure the best possible product, the team would love your input. All who complete a quick 5-minute survey will receive a $10 Starbucks card on the house.

The first 25 qualifying respondents can have an even deeper impact on the platform in beta. This is your chance to join an industry-steering committee and development team for the next generation of podcast tools. To help shape the future, simply share your voice.

If you make yourself understood, you're always speaking well.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Theater tickets: All 100+ session videos from Evolutions in Los Angeles are now available. Access instructions and details are in this week’s PM update, including a reminder about this Friday’s PM22 speaker deadline. Plus, Texas podcasters will want to check out meetups planned for June.
  • Howdy, friend: The latest Outlier Podcast Festival runs tomorrow and Friday in Austin. Ever Gonzalez (OutlierHQ) and Arielle Nissenblatt (EarBuds Podcast Collective), founded the conference as an opportunity for “outliers” to collaborate with indies and giants. Sliding registration starts at $30.
  • Exchange rate: “Getting to Grips with Cross-Promos” from Podcode is next Wednesday, May 11. During the workshop, founder and podcast coach Mark Steadman will cover promo swap fundamentals, prep questions, and finding partners with compatible audiences. Free registration.
  • Wave pool: What exactly does spatial audio bring to podcasting? Brendan Baker, director and sound designer of Marvel’s Wolverine podcasts, has the answers. If you’re curious about the format but not an audio expert, skip to this part. Baker puts it all in context with hopes for the future.

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