Podcast Conferences: How to Market Yourself Effectively


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Podcast Conferences: How to Market Yourself Effectively

Virtual or in-person, attending a podcast conference is one of the most effective, rewarding ways to grow professionally and personally. In light of this year’s packed calendar, we present a Flashback Friday to an always-applicable guide from Ma'ayan Plaut, currently in Audience Development and Engagement at PRX.

“Before, during, and after a conference, marketing your podcast is actually about marketing yourself,” Plaut points out. “And how you market yourself isn’t only about how you talk about your show, it’s also about how you interact with others around you.” There’s no vaguery here, only actionable help ― like conversation starters you’ll actually use.

Plaut’s empathetic approach takes ‘conference overwhelm' into account. “There’s a balance of personal reflection and interpersonal activity, and across the board, I hope to equip you with some specific approaches to thinking about and conveying your work to the people you meet in a thoughtful, manageable way.”

Gimlet's Mentorship for BIPOC Podcast Creators

The digital media company and podcast network Gimlet is launching a mentorship program for creators identifying as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). Geared toward those looking to enter the audio or podcasting space, the program will accept 15 applicants for remote coaching and training.

“We intend to build long-term relationships and guidance between working professionals and those seeking to advance in the field,” the company says. Mentors are set up to provide resume review, pitch feedback, story structure advice, reporting/production advice, and help with sound design/mixing.

The company makes an important distinction about the initiative: “Our relationship with mentees is for the sole benefit of the mentee and not for Gimlet. No work will be done by mentees on the behalf of Gimlet.” The deadline to apply is August 28th, and the next cycle of applications will open in January.

This year, the world’s largest podcast conference goes virtual. Ready to join thousands of passionate podcasters and industry professionals from around the world?

Ticket prices for PM Virtual increase on Wednesday ― register now for the lowest rates.

Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goals: My strength lies solely in my tenacity.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Plot thickens: The Desk and Podnews confirm that Amazon has quietly removed the anti-criticism restrictions on its podcast service. However, users are now subject to the company’s “Creative Acceptance Policies” for advertising, which are also bizarrely specific and confining.
  • Button down: Everything you’ve wanted to know about the RØDECaster Pro, Jeff Towne delivers. Transom’s Tools Editor gives a detailed macro- and micro-view of the popular audio production tool, explaining key functionalities for podcasters, radio producers, and videographers.
  • Drawing board: Patiently trying every podcast marketing method may still yield nothing. “If you find yourself in this situation, you have two options,” says Jeremy Enns of Counterweight Creative. Enns offers guidance for scrapping a show entirely, or reimagining it until it resonates.
  • Group chat: In May 2021, the inaugural festival The Podcast Show will take place in London. Set to be “the biggest festival for the business of podcasting in Europe,” the two-day event will feature 250 speakers, live podcast matinees, keynotes, and international networking.

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