Your Podcast Website Can Be (Way) Better. Here’s How.


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PodMov Daily: Thursday, June 23

Episode 672: Your Thursday Podthoughts

Your Podcast Website Can Be (Way) Better. Here’s How.

“If someone wanted to write about you, could they get enough information on their own from your site?” asks Matt Deegan. The co-founder of the British Podcast Awards isn’t just amazed by how many shows lack a website altogether, but also by the key information podcasters leave out when they do.

If a show is submitted to an awards program, the staff should not have to dig for social media links, clear artwork, or credits. Caila Litman wrote this week that ‘discoverability’ tends to be an individual-podcast problem. Every detail Deegan mentions in his new article will help you help listeners find your show.

It’s no coincidence that the two podcasts in yesterday’s top story have terrific websites. (See here and here.) They’re light on style, but both go above and beyond in substance. They even have Amazon wish lists for materials that aid in research. Even if your website is thorough, Matt Deegan can help.

PM is Asking Podcast Listeners Your Burning Questions

If you could tap into the minds of podcast listeners, what would you want to know? Good news: Podcast Movement is working with a marketing research team to conduct a national study involving thousands of them. To determine what the study will reveal, we need creators to tell us their burning questions.

With a brief survey, PM hopes to collect your questions for listeners as well as your ‘big picture’ views on paid subscriptions, industry growth, and the like. (It’s seriously brief. There are just two ‘short answer’ blanks, and the rest are click-the-bubble.) Stay tuned: Results will be presented at PM22 in August.

Download High-Quality Podcast Music, Absolutely Free.

Great music is the key to a podcast that shines. At Podcast Content Studio, it’s on the house. Podcasters can download dozens of high-quality music beds, from chill vibes to crashing waves. They’re completely free to use, with no attribution required.

Want to engage your listeners with emotional depth? A playful mood? A touch of mystery? Five categories offer every creator something to love, no matter the genre. Listen to track samples, get inspired, and download – it’s that easy.

Hear that fresh new sound? It’s all brought to you by Podcast Content Studio, the done-for-you service that transforms your episodes into powerful marketing assets. Give your listeners the gift of fresh music, and never stop creating.

Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet.

Here's what else is going on:

  • She’s back: Amazon is working on a feature that can reproduce a person’s voice based on a 60-second clip. The company gave an unsettling demonstration of the tech at an event yesterday, inspiring TechCrunch’s magical headline: “Alexa will soon be able to read stories as your dead grandma.”
  • Cruise director: “How to Be a Better Host” from Radio Boot Camp is next Thursday, June 30. NPR host Christina Shockley will lead a workshop on hooking the listener’s ear, including tips for speaking authentically, capturing the show’s tone, and displaying your personality. $100 registration.
  • Social status: Acast+ has integrated with Facebook to offer new subscription perks. From the podcast feed, paid subscribers can link their subscription to their Facebook account. They’ll have access to a private group for the show, designed as a fan hub for discussion and creator-led events.
  • Listen well: Common Sense Media has begun recognizing outstanding kids’ podcasts with its ‘seal of excellence.’ 21 shows have been selected based on diverse representation, impactful themes, and positive messages. Research-backed podcast ratings and reviews were introduced in April.

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