Podcasting Plans for a (Virtual) Event-Packed October


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Podcasting Plans for a (Virtual) Event-Packed October

October has arrived, and it’s a packed month for podcasting. As you plan for PM Virtual, October 19-29, there’s always more to join and do. This Tuesday, major networks including ESPN, Midroll, and Wondery will present at the second annual Podfront. This year’s preview event is free and open to the public. 

Starting on Monday, the inaugural Charlotte Podcast Festival will offer a variety of creator sessions like “From Script to Screen with Audiodramas” (October 7). Get inspired and get a head start — the full PM Virtual schedule is live, so now’s the time to customize your experience and get to know the speakers.

For Podcast Movement, virtual means innovation. We’ve chosen the highest-quality platforms to ensure each attendee can focus on what matters most. 100+ workshops, sessions, and keynotes are just the beginning. Learn more, ask questions, get social, and register before Wednesday for the best deal.

Advice from Someone Who Used to Hate Podcasts

Victoria A. Fraser admits that she used to hate podcasts. Now an audio editor and podcaster herself, Fraser reflects on several friction points that initially put her off. “After listening to 650+ hours of podcasts in the last year, I’ve noticed clear differences between an okay podcast and a great podcast.”

From rambling tangents to intrusively placed ads, Fraser’s list points out what’s missing from high-quality shows. “When the housekeeping takes more than 10 minutes, it definitely needs to be cut down,” she says. Comments about when the episode “actually begins” indicate fatigued listeners sparing the rest.

Another key point is to always explain the jargon. “This is crucial for shows that specialize in niches like marketing or science,” Fraser writes. For example, on the podcast Ologies, Alie Ward “interviews experts on specific topics and will edit in an aside to explain something that is unfamiliar to most of us.”

Wildcast: A Truly Collaborative Podcast Platform

The podcast industry thrives on connections, and so does your show (and for the guests out there, your brand!). Wildcast is a podcast platform solving collaboration on the great frontier. Podcasters, guests, and networks use Wildcast to streamline planning, booking, and execution. Finding the perfect ad trade — or your next brilliant guest — just got easier.

Wildcast’s patent-pending networking and productivity platform is your opportunity to create outstanding podcast content and promote your show or message. For more effective cross-promotion, connect with like-minded creators and let the sparks fly.

With Wildcast, users can explore, search, and filter profiles to add ideal connections. Communicate through simple, secure messaging (bye, cluttered emails) and schedule projects with your customized calendar. In this collaborative camp, it’s easy to stay organized. Ready to tell better stories together?

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Trophy case: Winners have been posted for the 2020 People’s Choice Podcast Awards. Congratulations to How Did I Get Here? (The Adam Curry People’s Choice Award) and also to Dads Drinking Bourbon (Arts) and Spitballers (Comedy) for holding their 2019 category titles.
  • Stay tidy: According to podcaster Ian Smith, Notion is an ideal tool for managing episodes at multiple stages of production. Smith demonstrates the app’s versatility: “Depending on what we’re doing, it can act as a recording calendar, publishing calendar, or task board.”
  • Early stage: For many comedians, podcasting has become the best option to stay afloat, writes Colette Coleman of Forbes. Comedian and podcaster Lev Fer (The Lev Fer Show) has firsthand experience: “The comics I worried about were the ones that resisted podcasting.”
  • PM Virtual, on us: Podcast Movement Virtual is just over two few weeks away, but you've only got ONE week left to apply for the Scholarship Program. The application window closes October 8.

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