Podchaser Launches API for Search and Discovery


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Podchaser Launches API for Search and Discovery

The podcast database Podchaser has launched an API (application programming interface) to help power discovery. Launched in 2017, Podchaser is a comprehensive directory that allows users to follow specific hosts, producers, and guests, IMDb-style. This new API will let developers tap into that data. 

“Podchaser’s API can elevate every podcast app, service, or organization from player apps and hosting providers, to networks and media buyers,” the company says. The result will likely be a bump in new podcast apps and tools with engagement features like leaving ratings and reviews, adding credits, and bookmarking.

The free tier of the API provides access to over 11 million creator and guest credits and other valuable resources. As far as podcasters are concerned, registering their shows on Podchaser is now an even smarter move. Be on the lookout for fresh apps that get creative with all of this newly available data.

Discord's Community-Building Power for Podcasters

“Discord, a social media platform for online communities, is creating a new way to create podcasts through servers — invite-only groups where people message and voice-chat about specific topics.” In The Georgetown Voice, Nicholas Budler explores how podcasters are connecting their audiences.

YouTuber and media CEO Jade Darmawangsa began using Discord when she was turned off by social media commentary. “I see the future of social media being peer-to-peer,” she tells Budler. “It’s like let’s build a community that talks to each other. If your fans can’t talk to each other, it’s not a community.”

There’s a distinct lack of that contact through Apple Podcasts subscriptions. The anonymous subscriber model can’t match Discord, Matt Kolowski (70mm) recently told The Verge. “I’d really love for [Apple] to realize that a sense of community is such a huge part of creating a fun podcast experience.”

Get Paid to Podcast: Take the Quiz, Turn a Profit

How do podcasters know if their shows are ready for monetization? A new quiz from Stacey Simms is the best way to find out — and get started with confidence. Stacey has been turning a profit from her podcast, Diabetes Connections, for five years.

As an expert guest speaker at She Podcasts Live!, PodFest Masterclass, Podcast Movement University and the Charlotte Podcast Festival, Stacey is a trusted voice on monetization. She’s cracked the code to sustainable revenue. Now, she’s sharing some of her secrets to success.

No matter how long you’ve been podcasting, this quiz is for you. Just seven questions will reveal if it’s time to jump-start your profits. Follow Stacey on social for can’t-miss updates, like her free webinar coming up in June. Ready to take the first step?

Questions are the breath of life for a conversation.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Personal touch: Minimize links and calls-to-action in an episode’s intro and outro, recommends Captivate.fm. Also avoid addressing your listener as part of a group (“Hey guys!”). The guide includes ideal examples from personable podcasts like Ologies and Still Processing.
  • Brunch club: The Asian Podcast Festival will be held virtually this Sunday at 10:30 am CT. 10+ podcasts will be recorded live, including the civic engagement show Future Hindsight. Presented by The Asian American Podcasters Association. Tickets are $25 or pay-as-you-wish.
  • Flat rate: The new M1 iPad Pro can be used for podcasting — with limitations. According to Stephen Robles of AppleInsider, “It's iPadOS and not the hardware preventing it from being the ultimate mobile audio workstation.” Here’s what can be done to work around it.
  • Steady flight: Spaces is now live on Twitter's desktop and mobile websites. The live audio feature’s expansion prioritizes multitasking and inclusivity, reports Saqib Shah of Engadget. Twitter has emphasized that “accessibility and transcription were among its focus areas.”

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