Podthon 2020: A Virtual Summit for Independent Podcasting


PodMov Daily: Thursday, May 14

Episode 205: Your Thursday Podthoughts

Podthon 2020: A Virtual Summit for Independent Podcasting

The second annual Podthon, coming up this summer, recently opened for speaker submissions. The virtual event “will showcase 20 speakers at all levels of the independent podcasting industry,” according to co-founder Danielle Desir. The event is planned for Saturday, July 18th and Sunday the 19th.

In the organization’s own words, Podthon is the brainchild of two leading industry groups, the Asian American Podcasters Association (AAP) and Women of Color Podcasters (WOCP). One pillar of its mission is to encourage more people of color to become speakers and have a presence on more stages worldwide.

Co-founder Lee Uehara says that podcasters of all levels are invited to apply. “We expect a lot from our speakers, and we coach them to be able to speak on the biggest stages, if necessary.” The deadline to submit a pitch is next Friday, May 22. Check the event site for full submission details.

Reality Check: Overcoming 7 Myths of Podcast Hosting

The Coaching Series from podcasting platform Sounder.fm begins with some myth-busting. According to Travis Brown of PodDecks, “There are tons of podcasting falsehoods about what it means to be a “good” podcast host. Most of them are nonsense, but they hold perfectly capable people back.”

Can introverts be outstanding interviewers? Is it possible to find interesting guests each week? Brown explains why the answer is ‘yes,' and why playing to your individual strengths is underrated. “After launching over 100 shows and editing over 2,000 episodes, it’s become clear to me that […] style and personality are celebrated.”

Beyond debunking, Brown offers realistic encouragement to new and aspiring hosts. If you’re not a wildly creative, charismatic broadcast professional, you’re in good company: “More important than experience is the willingness to start small, learn, ask questions, network, and keep a consistent schedule.”

Adobe Audition: Superior Software, World-Class Resources

For podcasters, Adobe Audition is the gold standard software for recording, editing, and mixing audio. Whether you’re just getting started or celebrating your 100th episode, Adobe has top-tier resources to help navigate the world of audio content production. Enter the Podcaster Survival Guide.

From Mark Edward Lewis of Cinemasound, the comprehensive 50-video YouTube series covers four workflow chapters: Record, Fix, Edit, and Mix. With short, topical episodes, current and aspiring podcasters will learn every macro and micro detail for a polished mix with pristine sound.

Adobe Audition isn’t just a powerful audio workstation. It also has world-class educational resources that set podcasters up for success with world-class education. Ready to learn from the best? Check out the Podcaster Survival Guide and stay tuned for more resources in the next few weeks! #AdobeAudition

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Shine on: Luminary has raised over $30 million in a new round and is seeking more funding to stay afloat, report Lucas Shaw and Priya Anand of Bloomberg. The paid-podcast startup looks to “further boost its customer base with new shows over the summer.”
  • Russian forward: In Hot Pod, Nicholas Quah assesses the year ahead for Pushkin Industries. The podcast company, co-founded by Malcolm Gladwell and Jacob Weisberg in 2018, continues to build out new slates while “managing a reality” far from ideal.
  • Scout badge: Do you podcast for the fun or art of it, or to build a business? Daniel J. Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast explores the definitions of “hobbyist” and “professional,” reminding all to own theirs with pride: “Neither label indicates quality levels.”
  • Smart move: Applications are open for sessions of NPR's Next Generation Radio. The competitive one-week program for college students and recent graduates, now in its 20th year of teaching, is free and focuses on podcasting and narrative audio storytelling.

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