The Power of Live Podcasting is Imperfection


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The Power of Live Podcasting is Imperfection

Live podcasting is taking off in part because it captures an unexpected charm. During yesterday’s Webby Talk with the Awards’ Rithesh Menon, PM’s President Dan Franks made an important point. Despite the lasting connection we feel to shows like Radiolab, “you know this isn't how these people talk in real life.”

On Saturday Night Live, “the audience reacts the most…when someone forgets their lines or breaks character,” Franks said. “Those moments go viral. It’s that proof that the audience likes what you want them to see, but sometimes what they see on accident is what really builds those relationships.”

‘Podcasts' is one of the fastest growing categories at the Webby Awards. According to Menon, the Managing Director, “it's not just about the script and the production” anymore. New categories like Best Featured Guest are reflecting a sea change across podcasting. After all, we’re living in one giant unplanned moment.

How to Uncover a Show's Unique Point Of View

What perspective does your show, and yours alone, offer? “Figuring your unique point of view…can be one of the least fun things about podcasting,” writes Evo Terra in Podcast Pontifications. “But it's also a critical piece of the puzzle, especially if you want to have a show that stands out from the crowd.”

Pam Slim, an author and business consultant, uses four questions with clients that apply perfectly to podcasts. Look around at other shows in your genre, whether or not you’ve begun production. It could just be an idea: What is missing from the conversation? Whose important perspective is not being shared?

These questions can be useful to podcast creators in addition to freelancers and potential advertisers. If a show delivers clear answers to all four, listeners within that genre will pick up on that special quality. To jump-start the process, Terra gives a terrific “example of a show that needs to exist, but doesn’t yet.” AI-Powered SEO for Podcasts

With the power of AI, enhances podcast SEO using the content you’ve created. It’s a powerful tool built specifically to increase engagement, reduce ‘bounce rate,’ and grow your show. Audiosignals helps with six of the 10 steps to podcast SEO for impactful benefits, fast.

A podcast’s description is just the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the surface, each topic within the audio is an opportunity. Audiosignals creates tailored clips to attract new visitors — and extend time spent on your page. High-quality clips are more likely to be shared, producing backlinks to boost your traffic.

With an innovative internal linking structure, Audiosignals gives Google full access to your content’s text. Simply insert a podcast link, and AI builds clear summaries of its most relevant material. Ready to leverage smarter SEO?

All I know is this — nothing you ever learn is really wasted.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Rinse, repeat: Twitter Spaces hosts can now record conversations and share them in tweets, reports Tom Warren of The Verge. Instead of a note that the broadcast has ended, promotional tweets will include a link to a recording. The feature is expected to roll out to all hosts within a few weeks.
  • Last call: This Sunday, October 31, is the last day to submit speaker and moderator applications for Podcast Movement Evolutions. Is your best session or panel idea ready for the stage? The in-person Los Angeles event is March 23-26, and decisions will be made in mid-December.
  • Center stage: The third annual Afros & Audio Podcast Festival is coming up November 13-14. The virtual event will feature a variety of panels, workshops, live shows, and exhibitor booths focused on the Black podcast and audio space. Explore the speakersscheduletickets, and more.
  • Treasure box: “McSweeney’s 64: The Audio Issue” is an elaborate celebration of audio-visual storytelling, co-produced with Radiotopia from PRX. The latest offering from the San Francisco-based literary journal is out now, combining “art, fiction, audio, and a slew of unclassifiable print objects.”

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