Quick Draw: Hot Pod on the “Really, Really Short Podcast”


PodMov Daily: Thursday, May 7

Episode 200: Your Thursday Podthoughts

Quick Draw: Hot Pod on the “Really, Really Short Podcast”

While “gravitating more and more these days towards shorter episodes,” Hot Pod’s Caroline Crampton is in good company. Cited research from Megaphone and from Pacific Content has shown a decline in average episode length, but this piece focuses on the sub-5-minute ‘really short’ scene.

“The ‘really short’ podcast tends to fall into one of three broad categories: the Bulletin, the One Shot, and the Experiment,” Crampton observes. While the Bulletin is strictly business, the One Shot is “a slightly more subjective kind of really short podcast.” The Experiment has been “blending sound art and found sound.”

With the sheer range of compelling ideas and growth, ‘very short’ is “a form that is deepening all the time.” Crampton sees a bright future for brevity. “I hope to see more producers, upon contemplating a project with 20 minute episodes, stopping to think: could this work better if they only lasted for five?”

PM Community Recap: New Dates Announced for PM20 in Dallas

This week’s community update announces the final dates for this year’s Podcast Movement in Dallas. After months of observation and planning, it became clear that postponing the event was the safest and best choice. PM20 is officially on in Dallas, October 19-22.

The full update post explains the circumstances, why the decision was made, and how to move forward. Whether you’ve already booked your hotel or have just heard of the event today, we’ve got you covered and will remain transparent and supportive no matter what.

“The Podcast Listener”: Who's Really Tuning In?

Marketers know that podcasts have unrivaled engagement potential. However, precise targeting is crucial to driving results. What differentiations exist in American podcast listenership? Claritas®, PRX, and Market Enginuity® reveal essential insights in a new downloadable whitepaper, “The Podcast Listener.”

With over a million podcasts now available, marketers need to be aware of variations among who’s tuning in rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. The demographic and psychographic trends uncovered in “The Podcast Listener” explain how.  

From identifying ideal targets prior to a campaign’s launch to evaluating performance and accurately measuring its impact, key insights from Claritas help marketers continually drive higher ROI. 

Podcast attribution and measurement solutions are complex. This new whitepaper expertly breaks down what marketers need to optimize ROI and effectively integrate one of the fastest growing marketing channels.

Ready to see what podcast marketing can do for you? 

Knowing too much of your future is never a good thing.

Here's what else is going on:

  • First look: According to Podnews, it appears that “finally Google Podcasts has a submissions page.” James Cridland shares exploratory findings, perks, and limitations of the new Podcasts Manager analytics tool, “a method of seeing inside Google’s black box.”
  • Holding court: Need to brush up on legal guidelines around podcasting? Tomorrow at 1:00pm ET, tune in to ask an expert. Podcast Business Journal will be hosting a special Facebook Live interview with entertainment attorney and podcaster Gordon Firemark.
  • Stay smooth: Pantheon Podcasts has launched the world's first HD podcast. In its “original, lossless high-quality, full resolution audio,” Rock N Roll Archaeology is streaming on the network’s HD Podcast platform, which “self-adapts the sound quality” to bandwidth.
  • Watch me: Spotify has begun global, in-app testing of video podcasts with two YouTube stars. The Verge's Ashley Carman writes per a source that the feature, which “allows the creators to upload their recorded video footage,” may arrive “fast” to other shows.

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