Nine Years Later, a New Radio Show for a Hit Podcast


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, February 22

Episode 595: Testing, One Two-sday

Nine Years Later, a New Radio Show for a Hit Podcast

Launched yesterday, a new SiriusXM radio show from Last Podcast on the Left resurrects an experiment nine years in the making. In 2013 SiriusXM aired a call-in segment which became Episode #89, “Open Lines.” The hosts explained it as “a pilot to introduce people to our specific brand of paranormal research.”

For the new “Open Lines” radio show, the Last Podcast hosts encourage fans on Twitter to “call in about humanoid-alien encounters.” Nine years ago, they had the same enthusiasm: “We love the open-line format. We want to hear from you stories about ghosts,” they said before putting their first spooked-out caller on the air.

Last year, Last Podcast became the second-ever show to end an exclusive Spotify contract. This current radio show was part of the subsequent distribution deal with SiriusXM. Back in 2013, co-host Ben Kissel told listeners to “blast emails over to Sirius” if they liked the pilot. “Say ‘Put it on the air! Get these boys a show.’”

In Advertising and Podcasting, Never Trash Your Peers

Comparative advertising — where competitors are called out as inferior — is alive and well in podcasting. For Sounds Profitable, Stew Redwine of OXFORd Road wrote a fascinating, entertaining history of the practice. (In the words of editor Bryan Barletta, here’s “why it’s bad for companies to sh*t on each other.”)

Considering the tactics out there, Barletta’s phrasing is more than justified. Redwine digs into the costs and potential benefits of putting down your peers, a lesson podcasters should take to heart. From the automotive wars of the 1930s to Samsung vs. Apple, wasting energy on ‘naming names’ is a time-honored tradition. 

In 1945, an ad journal columnist advised publicly ignoring your competition altogether: “Tell your own story — exclusively, positively — give your copy sound construction, sequence and conviction — and you’ll get your share of the market.” Today: Know your niche, be respectful, and hone your craft as only you can.

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If you find a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Connect four: Thursday at 1:00 pm ET is “Passing the Mic: Black in Podcasting,” a live panel from Sony Music. The conversation features Catherine Saint Louis (Neon Hum), Sam Riddell (In Those Genes), Rob Dozier (Somethin' Else), and Janicia Francis (Tea with Queen and J.) Free registration.
  • Pro tools: Thursday at 8:30 pm CT is “How to Score a Podcast,” a panel with Reveal audio engineers Fernando Arruda and Jim Briggs. They’ll dissect their sound design process and wrap with a Q&A. From the PRX Podcast Garage at KQED and AIR. Tickets (virtual and in-person) are $10.
  • Opinion piece: Podnews has launched the first annual report card for the podcast industry, and there’s one week left to make your voice heard. Until March 1, publishers and listeners are encouraged to dish on major platforms, The Podcast Index, and more. Data will come out mid-month.
  • Club sandwich: AIR (the Association of Independents in Radio) keeps a list of global podcast and radio listening groups. There are regional meet-up groups in the United States, Europe, and Australia as well as virtual clubs. Visitors can suggest additions, and the organization welcomes tips.

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