Recommendations? Podcast Self-Promo on Twitter


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, October 19

Episode 523: Testing, One Two-sday

Recommendations? Podcast Self-Promo on Twitter

“Please, if you find yourself searching ‘podcast’ + ‘recommendation’, take a deep breath and reconsider,” Nick Hilton says to creators. “Jumping into a Bart and Homer Simpson-style conga: you don’t win listeners with spam self-promotion.” The Podot co-founder breaks down a trend Twitter users will recognize.

Hilton recently tweeted a recommendation request with specific parameters. On his post and many like it, there was a “deluge of almost 20 podcasts/podcasters swooping in to recommend their own shows.” When they’re not appropriate fits, it becomes a cycle that fails the podcaster and potential listener.

While Twitter isn’t great for podcasts, there are better ways to engage than casting a wide net. Make an effort to promote other shows, and curate your audience by relevant interests. If your show is about wines, Hilton suggests, your best prospects will be in wine-related communities and not ‘podcast Twitter.’

How to Measure Success in Words, Not Numbers

Download numbers don’t begin to tell the whole story of a podcast’s success, writes Podiant founder Mark Steadman. Comments, messages, and reviews are more valuable metrics in a packed field. “Just like attention levels, the numbers themselves aren’t important — it’s whether they go up or down that matters.”

A show is an experiment that can’t be tied to financials off the bat. “If you’re creating a podcast to make money, you’re better off buying a lottery ticket.” Gauge its impact on what listeners are saying and where they drop off. Study and act on the analytics you have, but resist dwelling on the big picture. 

Steadman explains that best way to move forward is to track, measure, improve, repeat. “It takes time to make headway. It also takes time for you to warm up and to get comfortable,” he says. “Even if this isn’t your first podcast, it’s a new chair and it’ll take time for you to make that groove in the upholstery.”

uCast: Meet the Fiverr of Podcast Advertising

uCast is a marketplace for podcasters and advertisers to find each other and create successful ad campaigns. Smarter matching helps both sides find the right fit quickly — without the risk. On uCast, secure deal management and strong campaigns go hand-in-hand.

Podcasts and businesses of any size are welcome. Simply create a profile, list your podcast, and review ad offers as they come in. If you’re an advertiser, just start a campaign, input your parameters, and send offers to the podcasts you like. In-app communication and contracts mean everyone moves forward with confidence.

Now launched in beta, uCast is offering three months completely free. The feedback you share will help make the experience even better. Ready to meet the Fiverr of podcast advertising? Your next great campaign is a signup away.

Wherever we are, whatever we’re doing and wherever we are going, we owe it to ourselves, to our art, to the world to do it well.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Cruise control: How do automatic downloads work on Apple Podcasts? The company has explained what content gets automatically downloaded, when, and why it might pause. For example, episodic and serialized shows are downloaded differently. (‘Episodic’ is the default show type.) 
  • By design: On October 28, SoundPath will host “Making 99% Invisible.” From story research to final edits, producer Chris Berube will offer tips on how to tell visual stories in audio. The webinar wraps with a Q&A featuring fellow 99PI producer Vivian Le. Tickets are $10 for non-AIR members.
  • Murder scene: Truer Crime host Celisia Stanton is making her mark in the genre by tackling its ethical issues head-on. The answer isn’t to lecture listeners, but to shift their attitudes. “If you just add something extra to the food people already love, it'll make those ideas a lot more consumable.”
  • Cashing in: AdLarge has released the 2021 Podcast Buying Guide, its fourth collection of advertiser resources. Free to download, the guide outlines the state of the marketplace and “delves into the specifics behind content selection, measurement efficacy, and targeted delivery.”

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