After Investigation, Spotify Removes 150 Hours of Hate Content


PodMov Daily: Monday, December 6

Episode 549: Your Monday Mix

After Investigation, Spotify Removes 150 Hours of Hate Content

Spotify has removed nearly 150 hours of podcast content after an investigation by British outlet Sky News. Series promoting views like scientific racism and Holocaust denial are “readily accessible” with a simple search, says digital investigations journalist Victoria Elms. “How much more is out there?”

It doesn’t take much effort to slip through Spotify’s filters. “While some of the most shocking material was buried inside hours-long episodes, in some cases, explicit slurs could be found in episode titles and descriptions while album artwork displayed imagery adopted by white supremacists,” Elms reports. 

Some of the same content was found on Google Podcasts, which Elms points out is a directory and not a platform. She discusses the inherent difficulties of audio content moderation, noting that Spotify’s only visible action is responding to user reports like this (very public) one. NB: Article describes explicit material.

The Best and Worst of Behavior on Clubhouse

Industrial psychologist Bernardo Tirado has been to Clubhouse and back again. “When it came to hearing human behavior at its finest, the platform allows you to listen to the good, the bad, and the ugly,” he says. In his observation of popular circles, scammers seemed to outnumber legitimate entrepreneurs.

The Clubhouse experience was “addicting” when he first joined in January. “The best way I could describe it is like joining a 1-900-Party-Line where random people joined a telephone line and talked about any topic.” Unfortunately he also found similar tactics of manipulation and grifting in socially driven rooms. 

Self-proclaimed gurus will always be selling courses, coaching, and unrealistic promises. With that in mind, Tirado still found the app useful in some ways. “My recommendation is always to confirm that the person claiming to be an expert is an expert and that whatever you say on the platform is never private.”

ZipiStream: The Smart Mailing List Builder for Podcasters

Building a mailing list is essential for podcasters, but the process can be time-consuming. ZipiStream is a clever podcast player and marketing solution all in one. The all-new CRM platform automatically converts new listeners into a mailing list, making engagement simple and stress-free.

Unlike Linktree, ZipiStream’s ‘link-in-bio’ tool is specifically designed for podcasters. You can build a mailing list and send newsletters all in one place, no third-party provider needed. From your free landing page, listeners can find your show on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Patreon, and more.

ZipiStream is the fastest way to connect with your entire audience, from messaging to video bonus content. If you register by December 11, a designated podcast marketing manager will help you grow your show – a $360 value, completely free. Just claim your username and get started in minutes.

If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Style section: Tomorrow at 6:30 pm ET is “Designing Your Podcast,” a 90-minute interactive workshop with Rekha Murthy. The veteran podcast strategist (PRX, All Things Considered) will inspire creative planning around topic, style, and audience. Hosted by Urban Media Arts; free RSVP.
  • Audio mixer: Next Monday, December 13, evmux developer Elad Rosanski will join PM to discuss “How to Leverage Live Streaming to Elevate Your Personal Brand.” Held on Facebook Live, the session will cover video, live podcasting, and the evolution of hybrid (recorded and live) content.

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