Being Interviewed is Stressful. Here’s How to Fix It.


PodMov Daily: Friday, September 3

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Being Interviewed is Stressful. Here’s How to Fix It.

This Flashback Friday takes on a hard truth about interviews. Documentary podcaster Doug Fraser (What We Do, The Pod Lab) interviews people with unusual passions, and he wants to save your guests. “If you’ve been interviewed, you know how nerve-wracking it can be.” How can hosts reduce that tension?

Fraser offers a solution. “I think it comes down to this: Interviewees believe that in order to give the best interview, they have to perform. And for the most part, we’re not practiced performers.” As the host, it’s your job to build your guest up from an insecure ‘Performer State’ to a ‘Hero State’ of openness and confidence.

As you listen, there are four specific plot points to listen for — and genuinely pursue. “When you give someone permission to be themselves (which is an incredibly daunting thing) you open the door to unforgettable stories,” Fraser says. “Committing to curiosity will result in a better conversation, no matter what.”

How Podcasts Could Thrive on FM Radio

“Today, many podcasters know their audiences better than some radio stations do,” says Tom Webster, SVP of Edison Research. He sees several ways in which (some) podcasts could thrive on FM radio, benefiting both sides. The most important factor is that they be presented as ‘shows’ without focusing on the medium.

After “The Bachelor” airs on Monday night, what’s more likely to engage the 18-34 crowd: a popular Bachelor recap podcast or the songs they’ve heard ad nauseam? In four steps, Webster explains how existing content may serve untapped audiences. It’s those shared experiences that make listeners stick around.

“Creating destinations around an audience segment is how music radio has been programmed for decades,” Webster points out. “I'm just saying that we owe podcasts the same care. It could work, if we are intentional, focused, and respect the ingredients — the podcasts themselves.” Bachelor fans, don’t touch that dial.

From March 23-26, 2022, some of the brightest minds in audio and podcasting will help shape the future — one session at a time.

Mark your calendar: Speaker submissions for PM Evolutions in Los Angeles will be open next month. Stay tuned for application and event details.

I can never find the thing that does the job best until I find the ones that don’t.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Crossed wires: Remote interviewees have a lot of technical details to handle. Andrew Marino, senior audio engineer at The Verge, will help hosts communicate with their guests. His guide to great sound from a distance covers phone recording, equipment tips, and sharing large audio files. 
  • Yet another: Callin, a “social podcasting” app, has been launched by a former PayPal executive. Once a room ends on similar apps, the audio is gone. According to Amanda Silberling of TechCrunch, this one allows users to save and edit their live recording into a podcast episode.
  • Kids' menu: Speaking of radio-aired podcasts, the hosts of You Must Know Everything took it a step further. The parent-child podcast was recently developed into animated shorts for PBS stations across the country. For Current, Rasa and Jeremy Smith outline the process from start to finish.

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