Song Exploder’s Spanish-Language Spinoff is a Smart Move


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Song Exploder’s Spanish-Language Spinoff is a Smart Move

Song Exploder host Hrishikesh Hirway has announced Canción Exploder, a spinoff featuring “songs, stories, and interviews entirely in Spanish.” While multilingual adaptations of podcasts are becoming more common, this one development shows a landmark prioritization of Spanish-language audiences.

Canción Exploder is to be hosted by Adonde Media founder Martina Castro. Castro’s many other industry titles include co-founder of Radio Ambulante and director of the Spanish-language podcast community Podcaster@s. She was also a presenter of this year’s U.S. Latino Podcast Listener Report from Edison Research. 

A member of Radiotopia since 2015, Song Exploder was adapted into a four-part Netflix series last year. The show’s versatility and wide appeal make it a perfect vehicle to attract first-time listeners to the podcast space. Bridging the accessibility gaps between genres and audiences is what Hirway and Castro do best.

Podcast Advertising from the Sponsor Perspective

What does podcast advertising look like from the sponsor side? When pitching or interacting with a company, understanding that perspective will put podcasters at an advantage. Matthew McLean of The Podcast Host gives a comprehensive rundown meant for sponsors, which is especially helpful for savvy hosts. 

First-time podcast advertisers are taking risks based on unfamiliar metrics. From typical CPM rates to tracking clicks, here are the questions and expectations to anticipate. Though it’s not usually the host’s responsibility to explain the process, a knowledgeable partner makes a more confident sponsor.

It may be easy to assume you’d be able to answer this off the top of your head: “Why are engagement metrics more important than download numbers?” Now try explaining it to someone without a podcasting vocabulary. An effective elevator speech informs potential supporters and meets them where they are.

How can you hook listeners from the opening moments of an episode? How can you be more authentic with personal stories on your podcast? How many filler words should be cut to maintain a natural dialogue flow?

On The Pod Lab, host Doug Fraser digs into real questions with experts like Alie Ward (Ologies), Aaron Mahnke (Lore, Bridgewater) and Natalia Petrzela (Welcome to Your Fantasy). Coming up on Tuesday: secret musical sauce from Matt McGinley, a composer for This American Life, Serial and Nice White Parents.

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