Spotify Expands Uplift Program for Underrepresented Podcasters


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, June 2

Episode 217: Testing, One Two-sday

Spotify Expands Uplift Program for Underrepresented Podcasters

Now in its third year, Spotify’s Sound Up program aims to uplift and amplify the voices of aspiring podcasters from underrepresented backgrounds. A company post announces that this year's model “will look a little different” by necessity, but also shares how plans have grown to serve more creators.

For the first time, sessions in Sweden and Brazil will join those in the US, UK, Ireland, Germany, and Australia. “The program will be offered to women and non-binary people of color in the US, UK and Ireland, and Sweden; young people of color from the Periferias [outskirts of big cities] in Brazil; and members of the LGBQTI community in Germany.”

With 20,000+ applications submitted since its start, Sound Up welcomes experienced and new podcasters alike. Each session supports creators through storytelling, design, editing, and business skills, resulting in the tools they need to create a trailer. US applications close on June 19.

Just Do It: How and Why to Boost Accessibility with Transcripts

Why provide transcripts of your podcast episodes? Cassie Josephs of Discover Pods explains the many instant, universal advantages, followed by a step-by-step guide to transforming a recording script. To see maximum benefits, “Have transcripts directly on your website and available to download as a PDF.” Check the article to learn why.

Embedded transcripts “do something amazing for your [SEO],” Josephs writes. “People could now find your podcast in search results through searching any combination of words that get said at any point.” Transcripts also widen your audience by including people that are deaf and hard of hearing, people who struggle with spoken dialogue, and people learning your language.

Josephs covers major aspects, like hosting and editing dialogue, in addition to key details like communicating accents, stuttering, and music description. Need a quick sell? Search your every word: “‘Trying to remember exactly what you said about sandwiches in episode 23? Open the transcript, search ‘sandwich', and there you go!'”

From YouTube to Podcasting: Freddie Wong Levels Up

Filmmaker and VFX artist Freddie Wong knows a thing or two about outstanding content. With nearly 9 million subscribers, his YouTube channel RocketJump sets high expectations. Wong’s newest podcast, Dungeons & Daddies, combines the chaos of dice rolls with the hilarity of fatherhood.

Audio storytelling “lets you do some really amazing stuff you could never do in video,” Wong says. Two Audio Verse Awards later, fans agree. In a new article from Adobe Audition, he reveals how podcasting joined his repertoire and the tools that made it happen.

How does the busy creator keep Dungeons & Daddies rolling? Gold-standard software. “Above all else Audition is fast,” he explains. “I come from a Pro Tools background when doing film sound, and the speed at which you can trim and cut is miles ahead.”

Check out the full interview for the podcast backstory, industry wisdom, and creative techniques for rich, engaging audio.

There are years that ask questions and years that answer.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Punch bowl: The PM team will host its first virtual community meetup this Thursday from 8:00 – 10:00 pm EST. Register to mingle with old and new friends ― an open forum allows participants to split into small niche groups for detailed discussion.
  • Time's up: Let’s have the hard conversation. Bello Collective highlights 18 shows, including Caught and The Nod, that directly confront and help understand anti-Black racism in America. “Think of it as your starter kit to being a more informed ally.”
  • No hurry: How long does it realistically take to build up an audience? Matthew McLean of The Podcast Host points to statistics and niche behavior to deliver a valuable reality check. “The myth of the overnight success is just that ― a myth.”
  • The trimmings: A major feature of the audio editing tool Descript lets users edit episodes by making changes to the text transcript. The Buzzsprout team takes podcasters on a workspace tour and walkthrough, including a pros and cons review.

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