Spotify Rolls Out Visual, Clickable Ads for Podcasts


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Spotify Rolls Out Visual, Clickable Ads for Podcasts

Spotify has rolled out clickable “call-to-action cards” (essentially banner ads) for its podcasts. On certain original and exclusive shows, the app will display a visual ad while the audio ad plays during an episode. The company spins this as a win for listeners who have long been “forced” into remembering promo codes.

Because we don’t often focus on the screen while listening, the CTA cards will also show up on the show and episode pages. Jay Richman, Spotify’s head of Ads Business and Platform, says that the ad format “will become more capable over time, as we add shoppable and video and other interactive features into them.”

Yet another proprietary solution erodes open podcasting, writes Podnews editor James Cridland. If a creator has to host, sell, and get played on Spotify, and their content works best there, the rest of their audience gets “a poor, sub-standard experience.” But the ads will work, brands will follow, and the company will grow. 

Clubhouse Has Opened Up Web Listening in the US

Clubhouse has rolled out open web listening “as an experiment in the U.S.” Anyone is now able to listen to a room from their device without downloading the app or logging in. Twitter Spaces added this functionality in early November. On Clubhouse, it will work for both Replays and live Rooms with Replays enabled.

The app has also increased sharing features. Listeners can share the room they’re in within the app (which allows them to add a comment), to social media, or via link to a messaging app. Clubhouse users are now encouraged to invite the public via Twitter, which would have been a very odd sentence even a year ago.

You’re Personally Invited to evmux — the Big Launch

This coming Monday and Tuesday, evmux starts a new era of recorded and live content production for podcasters. All are invited to Live Booster 2022, a virtual launch celebration with outstanding speakers to inspire creators, marketers, and event planners.

evmux is a web-based live streaming studio that makes beautiful, branded podcasts effortless. Experience it firsthand while learning from top talent like LinkedIn Live’s Shiva Kumar Balakrishnan, event director Natalie Ross, and Twitch streaming expert Ben Jeens-Williams.

A smooth, fully integrated presentation sets your podcast apart like nothing else. While you connect with your audience, evmux makes your brand experience shine. Join the party starting at 1:00 pm ET this Monday, January 10, and check out the full schedule here.

By boosting others you will boost yourself. A little competition is a good thing and severe competition is a blessing.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Seeing stars: The 8th of each month is Podcast Review Day. Celebrate the first #podrevday of 2022 by reviewing a show and posting it to Twitter. Founder Stephanie Fuccio says it best: “This impact, this connection, this feedback, this is why many independent podcasters do what we do.”
  • Gift exchange: PodCraft and Evo Terra’s Podcast Pontifications have shown a great example of an “episode swap.” The Podcast Host’s Matthew McLean (PodCraft) explains the cross-promotional technique, its benefits, and what makes the two shows a fit for one another’s audiences. 
  • Travel log: On Wednesday, January 12, the Africa Podfest Discovery Tour makes its last stop in Lagos, Nigeria on the road to this year’s event. The virtual celebration hosted by Naija Podhub includes a creators’ workshop and roundtable. Begins at 6:00 am CT/2:00 pm GMT +2. Free RSVP.
  • Business casual: LinkedIn is launching interactive, Clubhouse-style audio events in beta this month. The platform allows hosts to run interactive sessions end-to-end without third-party software, reports Ingrid Lunden of TechCrunch. Events are free for now and video will arrive this spring.

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