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    PodMov Daily: Friday, June 19

    Episode 230: Week Download Complete

    Spotify Signs Warner Bros. and the DC Universe for Podcasts

    With the ink still fresh on its major Joe Rogan deal, Spotify has locked down a new multiyear partnership with Warner Bros. and DC. Spotify will help produce “an original slate of narrative scripted podcasts” and will handle “the marketing, advertising, and distribution of the shows exclusively on its platform.”

    The company points out in the announcement that this partnership is “the first to involve the intellectual property of the entire DC Universe.” Earlier this week, Spotify's rapacious IP venture secured Kim Kardashian West for an exclusive podcast series about wrongful convictions in the American justice system.

    Beyond Batman and Wonder Woman, “the companies are expected to draw upon Warner Bros. Studio’s broader collection of timeless titles as stand-alone podcast series.” WB franchises include Adult Swim, Hanna-Barbera, New Line Cinema (The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit), and the Harry Potter extended universe.

    Suzy Chase: Critical Planning for Long-Term Podcast Success

    For the second edition of Sounder’s Coaching Series, “podcast native” Suzy Chase teaches how to plan for the long haul. A former major market radio personality, Chase is the creator of podcasts The Groove Radio (2005) and Cookery by the Book (2015). Here, she gives honest advice on those critical first months.

    “I’m here to help new and aspiring podcasters do the difficult, but ultimately critical, work of mapping out a podcast and pre-launch to ensure long-term success,” Chase writes. “Spoiler alert: your notebook will get a bit more attention than your shiny new mic.” Problem-solving skills and a strong content calendar go a long way.

    Chase emphasizes that one’s connection with the topic has to be multidimensional. For her first show, it was a “lifelong love of soul music and record collecting.” For the second, a passion for radio and cookbooks. Wise words: “Think about it: you’re likely to spend up to five hours a week researching and digging into your idea.”

    Book Launchers: Get Published, Grow Your Podcast

    Just like podcasts, books need strong, creative branding to stand out. With a great title and compelling chapter topics, you’re positioned as an expert. You know your niche and are ready to sell! Book Launchers delivers top-tier strategy and manuscript development to make it happen.

    Your podcast defines your message in one way. Let Book Launchers bring your story to life for new audiences and new revenue. Welcome to the next generation of self-publishing: From writing to design and promotion, you’re supported through the entire process.

    If writing isn’t your element, welcome. The expert writers and coaches at Book Launchers specialize in non-fiction that shines. (#noboringbooks — they mean it.) Their dedicated marketing team ensures polished presentation, fast-tracking your book to readers and revenue.

    Ready to stand out, sell, and amplify your impact? Download your free 7-step guide to get started.

    An artist must be free to choose what he does, certainly, but he must also never be afraid to do what he might choose.

    Here's what else is going on:

    • True education: Today is Juneteenth, the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. We encourage our community to recognize and learn about this day's gravity with Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Danielle Young.
    • Old yeller: A new feature from Twitter will begin letting “select iOS users” tweet out voice recordings, writes Gavin O'Malley of MediaPost. “In a nod to its original character limit, what Twitter is calling ‘voice tweets’ can include up to 140 seconds of audio.”
    • Keep count: How we understand numbers, from percentages to comparisons, changes when we’re listening. Jerome Socolovsky, the NPR Training team's Audio Storytelling Specialist, explains how to adapt a podcast script to help listeners visualize math.
    • Recon mission: Pandora for Podcasters now offers access to listener analytics, reports Ashley Carman of The Verge. Users can see where listeners “live, how long they listen to each episode, and the number of thumbs up or thumbs down their show receives.”

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