Spotify’s Updated Podcast APIs: Opportunity for Third-Party Apps


PodMov Daily: Monday, March 23

Episode 168: Your Monday Mix

Spotify's Updated Podcast APIs: Opportunity for Third-Party Apps

Spotify has opened its podcast catalog to third-party apps, but not for streaming, writes Sarah Perez for TechCrunch. A new version of the company’s Podcast APIs (application programming interfaces) allows third-party apps to manage and perform searches for users.

“The launch is significant as it taps into the wider developer community to help Spotify grow its podcast user base,” Perez explains. “More importantly, it offers access to Spotify’s exclusive shows outside of Spotify’s own app for the first time.”

Exclusive podcasts will still be available for streaming only through the app, Perez confirms. Third parties aren’t meant to directly present the goods. “Instead, the new API is focused on podcast discovery, search and managing shows.”

The Distinct Ethics of Canadian True Crime Podcasts

In an article for CBC Arts, Mari “Dev” Ramsawakh details how Canadian true crime has become “a source of compassion and empathy for podcast listeners.” The subgenre is producing thoughtful shows where the “entire purpose is to make sense of the terrible things that happen.”

At Podcast Movement 2019, Uncover: The Village host Justin Ling realized “for the first time that there was something distinctive in the storytelling and reporting of these podcasts.” Ramsawakh and Ling discuss the cultural and environmental reasons why.

Instead of relying on “gruesome details,” shows like Missing & Murdered and Canadian True Crime “choose to focus instead on empathy and respect for victims.” Ramsawakh explores how ethical accounts “can help us find comfort in the chaos and connect us through the darkness.”

Redesign Features: Google Podcasts for Android

Abner Li of 9to5Google confirms that following a “significant redesign” the Google Podcasts app on Android is delivering wider functionality. The update “is now beginning to roll out for some users and it brings highly-awaited features like episode auto-downloading.”

Instead of recommended podcasts they’re not following, users are now shown a list of subscribed episodes. “It includes two lines of show notes and the ability to start playback, as well as ‘add to queue’ and initiating a download for offline access.”

Li observes that “this latest version of Podcasts offers meaningful playback management,” but “the real power features […] start at “Settings” from the overflow menu.” However, the update “is not yet widely rolled out — even on the Google app beta channel.”

Podpage: The Website Platform for Podcasters

A podcast’s website isn’t just a home base. It should be an ultimate HQ, establishing your show’s identity at first impression. Podpage is a brand-new website platform built specifically for podcasters ― a one-stop solution for your most important marketing asset.

Much easier to configure than WordPress, Podpage produces a professional-quality website for your podcast in 5 minutes. With automatic RSS feed updates, Apple review import, and slick mobile display, your new digs are optimized in every way.

From the founder of Onesheet and LaunchKit, Podpage is simply a better way to show your work to the world. A built-in New Listener section, searchable episodes, and donation links make it easier than ever to turn explorers into fans.

Podpage is your source for an accessible, engaging aesthetic that works. Ready to move in?

Our patience will achieve more than our force.

Here's what else is going on:

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