Surefire Signs That It’s Time To Up Your Podcast Investment


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, October 28

Episode 316: Your Midweek Update

Surefire Signs That It’s Time To Up Your Podcast Investment

At what point should podcasters level up investment in their shows? Andrew Santiago and Marvin Perdomo are experts at identifying that stage “where momentum picks up, and quality becomes essential to growth.” The two co-founders of Bravery Studios explain the signals for the Sounder Coaching Series.

Perhaps your show needs more variety and volume of content. This calls for the transition to a professional space, Santiago says. “If your audience and social media fans are asking for more, give them more. At a podcast recording studio, you have the opportunity to record live segments, video, and audio.”

For a medium-sized show, upgrades should ideally come with consistent revenue. “If someone sponsors you, it’s because they believe in what you’re doing,” Santiago writes. “When you start making money from sponsorships, ads, or memberships, it’s time to consider investing it back into your podcast.”

PM Virtual: Sessions On Deck for the Grand Finale

The final two days of PM Virtual are all about new beginnings. After today’s workshops, we’ll have some serious fun at “Barstool or NPR? The Podcast Attribution Game Show.” As our expert panelists present an ad spot, the audience must decide: Which of the two wildly different networks claims the credit?

The founders of Lemonada Media will lead tomorrow’s first keynote, tailor-made for 2020: “It’s About Time: Fast-Tracked Podcasts Optimized to Read the Room.” Next up, Misha Euceph, Nora McInerny, and Manoush Zomorodi will dig deep into a hot topic with their keynote “Intellectual Property & Podcast Creator Rights.”

We’re wrapping up PM Virtual with a packed day of education on everything from music licensing to remote live events. We’re looking forward to “There's Not Enough Diversity in Podcasting. And That's a Problem,” and “The Limitations of Truth,” an in-depth conversation about subjectivity in storytelling.

cabana: Podcast Monetization Done Right

Your podcast is a passion and your business. cabana, the podcast portfolio of AdLarge Media, connects brilliant creators with brands their listeners love. cabana knows the audio space inside and out, supporting podcasters with premium monetization, best-in-class campaign management, analytics, and more.

cabana partners with over 165 podcasts, including top shows in true crime, female lifestyle, sports, and others — all with IABv2 compliant downloads. Top ranked in Triton Digital’s Podcast Metrics Report, cabana works harder and smarter to help talented podcasters maximize revenue and reach new audiences.

You need quality ads that fit your content. cabana works with all major podcast and media agencies to make that happen. Creators can access hosting and distribution via Megaphone, turnkey backend operations support, and expert guidance every step of the way. Ready to experience monetization done right?

Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Library card: Podchaser has launched Podchaser Pro, a service for professionals developing podcast ad campaigns. The new platform gives marketers, publicists, and networks “access to reach, contacts, demographics, and more across more than 1.4 million podcasts.”
  • Certainly not: Do podcasters who aim to make money deserve to fail? Tae Haahr comes across this sentiment too often in groups and forums. “We need to stop putting podcasters down for wanting to make some side cash (or a full-time income) off of the content they create.”
  • Binge to-go: Netflix is testing a new audio-only mode with a subset of its Android users, reports Janko Roettgers of Protocol. Positioned as an alternative to podcasts or audiobooks, “The feature allows users to stream just the audio track of a show or movie in the background.”
  • Bright vision: With an expansion into original content, Adonde Media continues to advance Spanish-language markets outside the U.S. “For us to see a robust, thriving podcast scene in Latin America […] those people need to get paid,” founder Martina Castro tells Hot Pod.

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