The Art of Asking Listeners for Money


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, October 26

Episode 528: Testing, One Two-sday

The Art of Asking Listeners for Money

There’s no way around it: Asking listeners for money is an anxious process. Jennifer Tribe, Head of Marketing at Supercast, collected actionable reality checks from Alie Ward (Ologies), Jesse Brown (Canadaland), and other audience-supported creators who started small and gained confidence over time.

“I was terrified that it would be one of those crowdfunding campaigns where you ask for a thousand bucks and you get 12 and it's that person's uncle who did it,” Brown says. “It's very embarrassing to fail, and I was really afraid of that failure.” Since then, he’s built an entire listener-supported network and news site.

Subscriptions have become more accessible this year, but the framework doesn’t make the initial ask any less awkward. The ‘why’ is key, Tribe explains: “Paint a picture for listeners of what their money will make possible.” If a few dollars will help you improve audio, add video, or publish more often, share the goal.

Social Audio Can Do Better from the Start

To function better from the outset, “social audio needs to leverage the same strategies used by major news organizations.” Writing for TechCrunch, Wingwoman founder Adonica Shaw points out opportunities to solve problems before they begin. Among them, speaker incidents and content controversy.

Regrettable statements are bound to happen when an app recruits content creators. “If they are targeted in the marketing, there should be a strategy to retain them as active participants on the platform, even after mistakes come up,” Shaw says. She advocates for a system similar to defensive driving class for traffic violations.

To handle specific hot-button areas, Shaw recommends content councils “in the same way that startups have advisory boards.” This holds the company accountable and takes the pressure off of internal employees. (Unrelated side note: We learned that a horizontal-bar menu icon is called a ‘hamburger stack.’)

The Dr. John Delony Show: Because Mental Health Matters

Now more than ever, the world feels like it is spinning out of control. Millions of people are struggling with their mental health, marriage, parenting, and family relationships. The Dr. John Delony Show, a podcast from the Ramsey Network, answers life’s messy questions. 

Host and Ramsey Personality Dr. John Delony, a leading voice on mental health, relationships, and wellness, takes a practical approach to tough topics we all face. Dr. Delony’s caller-driven conversations help listeners work through anxiety, depression and disconnection with new tools and plenty of humor.

Ready to take charge of your mental health? It’s time to cut through the chaos and start building a more confident future. Send in your questions and join the conversation three times a week. Listen and follow wherever you get your podcasts.

To see that your life is a story while you're in the middle of living it may be a help to living it well.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Mirror image: Since social media doesn’t convert listeners in droves, what does? Arielle Nissenblatt (, Earbuds Podcast Collective) delivers answers in a Twitter thread. Start by knowing what your podcast looks like on every app you can claim, and be familiar with each interface.
  • Fresh future: This Wednesday, the Webby Awards will host “Way Too New,” a talk with Podcast Movement President Dan Franks. He and Webby Managing Director Rithesh Menon will dive into building more impactful experiences across the internet, podcasts, and beyond. Free registration. 
  • Ghost toast: Also on Thursday, Pod People’s “Sound Design Summoning” will celebrate sonic spookiness with a foley artist and a digital sound designer. All are welcome to score a 30-second short story, listen to others’ creations, and vote for their favorites at 7:00 pm ET. Free registration.
  • Network key: The theme of She Podcasts Live, held this month in Scottsdale, was ‘Together, We Rebuild.’ Heather Baloga of Resonate covers takeaways from Kristen Meinzer, Cameron Esposito, and other expert speakers. Bonus points for a magnificent, multicolored ‘podcasting throne.’ 

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