The Bookseller: The Audiobook Recording World Adapts


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, May 12

Episode 203: Testing, One Two-sday

The Bookseller: The Audiobook Recording World Adapts

In a piece for UK publication The Bookseller, Fionnuala Barrett recognizes the unique dedication of audiobook producers, technicians, and editors in this strained period. Until recently “the vast majority of recordings took place at specialist audiobook studios” in a professionally “fitted and kitted” process.

Not so, these days. In particular, “studio technicians have been crucial in keeping recordings going, ferrying equipment to narrators wherever they may be and talking them through setting it up properly,” Barrett writes. In-the-wild recordings may have little precedent in the new age of audio, but these teams are making it work.

Acknowledging that a “scaling up of at-home recordings is sorely needed,” Barrett anticipates joy and relief when pro studios can safely open. “We’ve all talked about how this crisis will change the way [publishers] work — so has it demonstrated that, in fact, studios are surplus to requirements? No.”

How to Raise Your Livestream Game with Video ‘Bumpers'

“As a professional broadcaster, I can't resist the temptation to increase the production values of my livestream videos on social media,” says Seth Resler. Neither should podcasters. The 20-year radio veteran outlines how to “up your livestreaming game” with short, engaging video ‘bumpers.’

Resler demonstrates how to make eye-catching intros, outros, and transitions using standard programs like PowerPoint and iMovie. Similar to “video bumpers you sometimes see on Saturday Night Live or the late night talk shows,” they give the impression of neatly packaged content.

Live streaming is on a rapid upswing. For video podcasts, slick visual presentation makes all the difference. Resler’s “quick and dirty” guide covers bumper specs, how to edit them, how to source and insert music and images, and where to place animations for maximum effect.

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