The Essentials of Podcast Ad Technology, Explained


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, September 30

Episode 296: Your Midweek Update

The Essentials of Podcast Ad Technology, Explained

Though the host-read ad still dominates podcasting, ad tech brought on by big brands is rapidly expanding. Amplifi Media CEO Steven Goldstein demystifies the topic with expert Bryan Barletta, the author of Sounds Profitable. The weekly newsletter focused exclusively on podcast ad tech was recently launched by Podnews.

How does programmatic ad insertion compare to self-serve targeted ads? What are “lift studies” measuring? Goldstein and Barletta break down the purpose and function of ad attribution for advertisers. As brands compete for the most detailed campaign X-ray, Barletta shows how it comes down to justifying the experiment.

“I think it's the people in digital who said ‘We’ve got all this money to spend and are super happy to try podcasting, but if it doesn't fit into our framework, and can't match columns in a report, it won’t work,’” he explains. “So in came third party tracking and attribution, that led to more ad dollars.” It worked, and those dollars are here to stay.

Weekly Recap: The Schedule for PM Virtual is Live

This week’s update reveals PM Virtual’s fifth round of speakers. In just a few weeks, we’ll be treated to a keynote from Senior Vice President of Edison Research Tom Webster and sessions like “Podcast For Good: Creating Social Change at Scale” by Dan Lapinski. 

Ticket prices increase tonight at midnight — register now for the best deal. Need 100+ more reasons to join us? The full schedule is now available! Explore each focused track and filter through sessions on your specific interests to start personalizing your experience.

In other news, tomorrow is the deadline to apply for the PM Virtual Scholarship Program. It’s open to new or yet-to-launch podcasters who are part of the PM Facebook group and have not yet attended a PM event. Recipients will be announced on October 14.

The Contract Vault: Expert Legal Protection for Podcasters

For podcasters with growing shows and networks, legal contracts are a part of doing business. The Contract Vault specializes in reliable, affordable contracts that give you security — not stress. With unlimited access to attorney-drafted, industry specific contracts, you can focus with peace of mind.

Podcasters need specific legal protection, especially hobby and independent creators. You’ll be fully covered from co-host and producer agreements to guest consents. These contracts leave zero chance of copyright infringement, and loopholes are closed to ensure you get paid every single time, on time

Every contract in The Contract Vault is authored by Andrea Sager, the go-to attorney for hobby and independent podcasters. Plan benefits include live Q&A group calls each month, so you can build your business worry-free. Ready to experience contract bliss? Visit on IG and come say hi.

In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm. In the real world all rests on perseverance.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Tall order: Nicholas Quah considers Wondery’s potential $200 million sale. “Wondery has leaned very hard into the podcast-to-Hollywood adaptation pipeline,” with 16 television projects currently in the works. But is its “intellectual property factory” status worth the price tag?
  • Trophy case: The 2020 Discover Pods Awards are open for nominations until October 11. The organizers have added new categories “to further expand our diversity and inclusivity, notably specific awards for LGBTQ, women, and POC.” Winners will be announced on November 2.
  • Five stars: Love the Podcast, a new feature added to My Podcast Reviews, makes it easier for listeners to rate and review. It automatically displays only the platforms and labels compatible with a listener’s device, removing obstacles like Android users being sent to Apple Podcasts. 
  • False alarm: Anthony Gourraud demonstrates how IAB-compliant downloads can be faked, and how to detect this type of fraud. He built a complex “cheating system” that simulates listening on podcasting apps, able to rack up 30,000 downloads per month “without pushing too hard.”

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