The Joe Rogan Experience to Become a Spotify Exclusive


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, May 20

Episode 209: Your Midweek Update

The Joe Rogan Experience to Become a Spotify Exclusive

In a massive win for Spotify, Joe Rogan’s podcast will become an exclusive on the platform later this year. The Verge’s Ashley Carman reports that, up until now, The Joe Rogan Experience “has never been available on Spotify, let alone exclusive to any platform.” According to the Wall Street Journal, the deal is worth more than $100 million.

“Rogan’s YouTube channel will remain live, but it won’t contain full episodes,” Carman explains. “Rogan is one of the most popular YouTube podcasters, often with millions of people watching each episode, so losing his voice on the platform is a major hit to YouTube and a big gain for Spotify.”

The show will be available, but not yet exclusive to, the platform on September 1st. “Listeners won’t have to pay to access the episodes, but they will have to become Spotify users.” Last year Rogan cited about 190 million monthly downloads, making the WSJ figure somehow sensible in the grand scheme of engagement.

PM Weekly Recap: Creative Advice for New Podcasters

“If you could only give one piece of advice to a brand new podcaster, what would it be?” That’s the question answered in this week’s community update. PM Facebook group members have submitted many helpful tips for podcasting newcomers, from repurposing to creative direction.

With over 34,000 podcasters in the group, there’s no shortage of excellent questions and perspectives. One especially useful point from Angela Brown, the host of Ask A House Cleaner: On YouTube, “if you closed caption your show, people can read and follow along in 191 languages.”

The Why Behind the Buy: Know More About Podcast Marketing

Marketers leveraging podcasts are clearly on the right track. What’s not so clear is how to approach targeting, measurement and attribution. The Why Behind The Buy, a podcast for marketers focused on finding and targeting their ideal customers at scale, will place you ahead of the curve.

On the most recent episode, Omer Jilani from Claritas and Dana Elmquist of Market Enginuity join host Monique Ruiz to discuss how to confidently jump into this rapidly growing media channel. In just 30 minutes, marketers will learn ways to successfully tap into the estimated $1B in revenue podcasts are expected to bring in by next year.

Who makes up the “typical” podcast audience? How can marketers find ideal sponsorships, increase revenue, and measure success? In support of Claritas’ new two-part whitepaper series on podcast attribution and listener demographics, this expert resource is not to be missed.

Ready to listen and learn? Stream The Why Behind the Buy wherever you get your podcasts.

What makes you different or weird, that's your strength.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Library card: Now that podcasts are in line with print and web publications, how are they properly cited? How do you know if you need to cite an episode? Buzzsprout lists each element, and how to find them, for MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.
  • Fresh recipe: In a Spotify for Podcasters article, Melissa Locker speaks with creators including Hrishikesh Hirway and Samin Nosrat of Home Cooking. Lockdown restrictions inspired the two to bring their long-planned culinary advice show to life.
  • Exchange rate: In Hot Pod, Nicholas Quah looks into the paid podcast landscape. The Patreon-owned membership facilitation platform Memberful now “enables publishers using its infrastructure to add podcasts into the pool of exclusive products.”
  • Global chat: Tomorrow, Tina Calder of Excalibur Press in Northern Ireland will host a free webinar on thought leadership strategy for podcasters. The session to “help equip people to stay on course, online” is set for 3:00pm BST, 9:00am CT.

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