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    PodMov Daily: Friday, July 24

    Episode 249: Week Download Complete

    The New Wave of Podcasts Shaking Up Chinese-Language Media

    “On June 21, a new podcast appeared on several Chinese and American podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts,” writes Shen Lu of Politico. The Mandarin-language show, In-Betweenness, is made by four academics that discuss race in America and across the world. It’s one part of a small, courageous movement toward globally conscious free expression.

    In-Betweenness marks a new trend in the Chinese media landscape. All media in China, state and commercial, is closely monitored and heavily censored pre- and post-publishing,” Lu explains. With the power of RSS feeds, independent podcasters are building “a kind of third information channel” for honest conversations about racial justice.

    One of these, Loud Murmurs, is planning a three-episode series in light of the Black Lives Matter movement. Co-host Isabelle Niu tells Lu, “We got a lot of comments like, ‘Wow. I’ve never heard four women talk about politics in a way that’s so uninhibited. I think just the idea that you can express yourself without fear, even that is very encouraging to people.”

    The New York Times Buys Serial Productions for $25 Million

    The New York Times confirms the acquisition of Serial Productions for “about $25 million.” The company behind the megahit podcast pioneer Serial was founded in 2017 by Sarah Koenig, Julie Snyder, and Ira Glass. Rachel Abrams writes that a “creative and strategic” partnership with This American Life is part of the deal.

    “The idea is to drive New York Times readers and listeners toward Serial projects,” Abrams quotes Sam Dolnick, an editor of The Times’ audio efforts. “There’s going to be ways that we can help Serial tell more stories, bigger stories and, down the road, figure out how our newsroom and theirs can coordinate even more deeply.”

    Rumors of the arrangement have circulated since early spring. In The Verge, Nick Statt explains, “The parent company of This American Life will remain independent, but Serial Productions will now be considered one of The Times’ independent podcast teams alongside the hugely successful The Daily and other programs.”

    Innovate: Swellcast Your Podcast

    Podcasts and Swellcasts are perfect partners. Create companion clips for each episode, independent bonus content, and more. Just share your channel link in your podcast description and connect. You can even stream Swellcasts on your site with a simple widget.

    Anyone can listen to your posts and reply with audio of their own. Instantly make your community voices feel heard and appreciated, and build loyalty that lasts. Have public or private chats, get creative with audio emojis, and customize your channel. Hashtags and keywords make it easy to follow, search, and engage.

    Record and share without limits — Swell is the audio app that gives your listeners more of what they love. Just download the app, share what’s on your mind, and get into it! The Swell experience is timeless yet completely new.

    You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.

    Here's what else is going on:

    • Speak out: Studio Ochenta founder Lory Martinez shares advice for other creators getting into multilingual podcasting. The Mija creator tells Spotify for Podcasters, “If you want to make podcasts for the world, you have to show as much of the world as you can.”
    • Social hour: Aigner Loren Wilson of Discover Pods explains how Instagram is an underutilized resource for audience growth. Beyond tips and tricks, Wilson reveals why podcasters should avoid using a “business or creator” account despite tempting analytic insights.
    • Word search: Tomorrow at 10:00 am EDT, Indie Podcasters will stream a free Virtual SEO For Podcasting conference. Available inside the Independent Podcasters Facebook group, expert sessions will cover livestreaming strategies and SEO for WordPress.

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