The Pod Lab: A PM Original Series, Coming Next Week


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, July 6

Episode 455: Testing, One Two-sday

The Pod Lab: A PM Original Series, Coming Next Week

The PM Daily is back from summer break with exciting news: A Podcast Movement original series is launching next Tuesday, July 13. The Pod Lab is hosted by Doug Fraser, producer and host of the NPR podcast What We Do. Each week, he’ll dive into actionable lessons tailored to creators looking to improve.

The Pod Lab is all about giving podcasters the tools they need to execute their best ideas. In about 10 minutes, you’ll learn how to choose better music, solidify narrative structure, or replicate that thing you heard on your favorite show. Ask us any question for a chance to be featured on an upcoming episode.

Listener feedback is a key part of what makes this project special. Doug is interested in what podcasters want to know, and will be collecting answers from the experts. From sound design layering to faster editing, no creation topic is off the table. Check out the trailer, stay curious, and visit the Lab next week.

Ultimate DIY: Edison’s Podcast Listener Survey

“Accepting feedback from your audience is sometimes difficult, sometimes counterintuitive, but it is the only way to master the craft,” says Edison Research SVP Tom Webster. He recently published an excellent guide to audience surveys (from execution to interpretation) as well as a free, do-it-yourself template. 

What kinds of questions should you ask? Where should you ask them, and how can you convince listeners to participate? With this set of resources, Webster draws on decades of experience at the forefront of audience research to help individuals answer these questions, and many more, for their own podcasts.

“If you are looking to cover off the basics of learning who your audience is, what their preferences are, and even some information that a potential sponsor might find valuable, this template will give you an excellent start,” Webster writes. Be sure to read through the guide first — that’s all we ask of you, our audience.

Start PM21 with a VIP Tasting Tour at Jack Daniel’s

Podcast Movement 2021 will be full of opportunity — even a chance to experience the world-famous Jack Daniel Distillery. On Monday, August 2, 20 lucky attendees and speakers will be treated to a private bus trip from Nashville down to Lynchburg, Tennessee, where every drop of Jack Daniel’s is produced. 

After a special VIP distillery tasting tour with Jack Daniel’s senior brand ambassador, you’ll enjoy a complimentary lunch at Miss Mary Bobo’s. Wrap up your getaway with a visit to Jack’s gift shop. At the Lynchburg Hardware Store, gift cards are on the house.

Ready for a shot at the VIP treatment? Those over 21 can register to be selected for the perfect way to kick off PM21. Be sure to visit Jack Daniel’s in the Podcast Movement expo hall, and welcome to Tennessee.

It's really hard to hate someone for being different when you're too busy laughing together.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Group chat: The July 28-Day Launch Your Podcast Challenge begins today. Registration is still open for new podcasters to join PM’s free online class. You’ll join dozens of other creators to learn the basics, build daily skills, and launch that show with confidence — just in time for PM21.
  • Open ended: Audacity is being called ‘spyware’ over recent updates to its privacy policy, reports Derek Wise of 9to5Mac. “This change just puts Audacity in line with countless other apps that harvest your data.” He recommends downloading an older version of the popular audio software.
  • Haystack blues: “If you can’t find it, you can’t listen to it.” According to Amplifi Media CEO Steven Goldstein, findability (a close cousin of discoverability) is becoming a major problem in podcasting. Similar titles and descriptions make it harder for listeners to find shows just by searching.
  • Collect call: What exactly is The Podcast Index, and how does it impact creators? For The Podcast Host, Stephanie Fuccio explains the benefits of the powerful open-source directory. In “non-techy” language she covers the purpose, why it’s important to be listed, and how to add your show.

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