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Episode 13: Happy PM month!

Podcast Revolution Panel at 2019 Radio Show

Representatives of major podcast industry companies will meet for “The Podcast Revolution,” a Radio Show session, on September 25. The three-day Radio Show event is produced by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB).

Conal Byrne, president of the iHeartPodcast Network, will serve as moderator of the “fireside chat” discussion on podcasting trends and strategies. The panel will consist of Carter Brokaw, president of iHeartMedia’s digital revenue strategy, Neal Carruth, National Public Radio’s general manager of podcasts, and Oren Rosenbaum, emerging platforms and podcasting agent at United Talent Agency.

“This session will help any size broadcaster, audio specialist, and advertiser understand what’s working and what you can do to produce quality and revenue-generating podcast content in your local market,” said Radio Advertising Bureau President and CEO Erica Farber. Podcast Movement’s own Dan Franks will moderate a session on producing and monetizing local podcasts. The event takes place September 24-26 in Dallas, Texas.

Hosting on Amazon AWS: A Breakdown

For those interested in do-it-yourself podcast hosting, this article from James Cridland offers a breakdown of options. He did the math to weigh pros and cons of podcast hosting using AWS (Amazon Web Services). AWS is a cloud storage platform with featured services from data centers. Using data from Podnews’ own podcast stats for a week in July, Cridland presents the numbers of overall data transfer cost.

Although the method works for the three-minute episodes in this example, it may be a complex and expensive way to host a longer show. However, the benefits of a workaround via AWS Lightsail are outlined in detail. Check out the numbers to see if a little web tinkering could increase your hosting efficiency. If you could use an introduction or refresher on cloud computing, this explanation will get you up to speed.

Quality Content Creation for Podcasters

Many of us have heard the business adage “content is king,” and podcasters know that style needs substance. The rise of content creation as an industry, however, has been swift and competitive. “The art of content creation has become a many headed hydra in the past decade or so,” writes Peter Thomson at G2. “Regardless of the type of content creator you aspire to be, there are some things you should know if you intend to build a career around this dynamic and fast-paced craft.”

This article defines the concept and outlines the skills and processes of making it work. From establishing your own creative voice to staying on top of your niche, the habits a person needs may be ones you already practice. After all, anyone who podcasts creates content regularly. “Being a content creator means being embedded in the fabric of a particular industry or subculture,” Thomson points out. (Hey, that sounds familiar.) As a refresher or a first introduction, this clearly arranged crash course can help anyone navigate the content landscape.

Spreaker Prime: Professional Podcasting, Unbeatable Service

You’ve put in the time and energy to build a great podcast, and it’s sitting pretty at 5,000+ monthly downloads. Listeners are loving your show, and you’ve hit your stride. It’s time to elevate your strategy, so get selective. Shouldn’t your hosting platform be Prime to match? Introducing Spreaker Prime: white-glove service for professional podcasters with an eye for excellence.

Picture this: Increased exposure and maximized ad revenue are just the beginning of the premium perks. You’ll have access to advanced analytics, the ability to host multiple shows, and unlimited archive hours. Spreaker’s editors boost your show across the board, from review sites to newsletters. Dynamic ad injection updates episodes with new ads, so your evergreen content stays minty fresh. The cherry on top? Customer care so fast and thorough, you can forget frustration.

With Prime, your podcast’s success is the ultimate priority. Ready to get serious with Spreaker on your side? We thought so.

You don’t have to wait for someone else to give you permission to say yes to yourself, to create something organic and something that means something to you.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Golden age of audio: Gina Garrubbo of National Public Media said in an interview on The Digiday Podcast that we’re almost there. She looks forward to Google’s display of audio rank along with link search, so that “you might be just as lucky to get a podcast as you would get a video, or a link to an article.”
  • Podsite functionality updates: RadioPublic has added features to its Podsite tool, emphasizing original articles. SEO and social media linking are improved to make your podcast’s brand consistent across platforms. The dashboard interface has been updated, and Spotify is now a listening destination.
  • New Radiotopia material: PRX‘s network has announced a new podcast, Passenger List (begins 9/16), and a second season of Adult ISH (begins 8/22). According to Executive Producer Julie Shapiro, they’re “a riveting, sound-drenched mystery thriller” and a “first-of-its-kind podcast for almost-adults,” respectively.
  • Revamped NFL team network: The Carolina Panthers are launching an enhanced podcast network, with 4 shows now accessible on major platforms. Talent will include former players and Panthers icons, with topics “ranging from X’s and O’s, to fantasy football, to food and other off-field topics.”

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