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    PodMov Daily: Thursday, December 5

    Episode 100: Your Thursday Podthoughts

    Sound System: Tags and Elements for a Proposed RSS Refresh

    At the last New Media Show, Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee of Libsyn discussed “the need to form a coalition to expand RSS as a community which would include hosting companies, app developers and podcasters to develop a list of new tags and elements to expand the functionality of RSS.”

    The effort’s “in-person kick-off meeting” will take place at Podcast Movement Evolutions in February. “They will lay out for community discussion the proposed new podcast specific tags […] and as a group try to come to a consensus.”

    If you’re involved with the above aspects of podcasting and would like to weigh in, your thoughts are welcomed. To participate in the dedicated Slack channel discussion, email [email protected] or [email protected]

    Results Are In: Research on the Value of Meaningful, Part-Time Podcasting

    recent article in The Harvard Business Review makes a strong case for the value of hobbyist podcasting. “The Unexpected Benefits of Pursuing a Passion Outside of Work” describes exactly those — in terms that realistically reflect the lives of most podcast creators.

    Harvard Business School professor Jon M. Jachimowicz, Ph.D. candidate Joyce He, and behavioral strategist Julián Arango comment on their findings:

    Outside of work, you have the freedom to try new things out, so experiment. Remember, too, that passions can wax and wane over time, and so it’s okay to stop one activity and pick up another […] It often helps to find other people who care deeply about what you’re trying so you get pulled into their passion orbit and find a sense of community.

    The Ad Principle: Barstool Sports Subscribers Top 30K

    Tim Peterson for Digiday reports on the growth of Barstool Sports’ subscription service, launched in January. Its Gold membership ‘sold more than 10,000 subscriptions within the first three days of the program’s debut,’ according to a spokesperson.

    “The future of Barstool Sports’ subscription business is somewhat in flux as Barstool wrestles with how to build a recurring revenue stream for its business while building a big fan base for its talent.”

    As we’ve noted, CEO Erika Nardini is a vocal advocate for overt, relatable host-read ads in podcasts. With that model, the platform has now attracted more than 30,000 Gold subscribers.

    Subscribe and Thrive, for Free: Podcast Magazine is Almost Here

    Launching in January 2020, Podcast Magazine is positioned to be the preeminent publication focused on taking readers ‘beyond the microphone.’

    Each month, readers see behind the scenes and into the lives of leading podcasters. It’s all curated by a team of podcast creators, dedicated writers, and industry authorities.

    Grow your brand with sharp tracking and monetization advice. Interested in gear? Issues cover the latest products and tools to advance your passion. Interviews, technology news, and platform updates keep you informed — and looking forward.

    See a fresh angle with exclusive, multi-variate, and unbiased categorical charts, including ratings and reviews for under-the-radar shows. If you’re a fan, an aspiring podcaster, a professional, Podcast Magazine is for you.

    Ready for the best part? Podcast Magazine is absolutely free right now. All you have to do is sign up to receive a lifetime subscription. Give yourself and your friends the gift of monthly awesome.

    Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

    Here's what else is going on:

    • Find out: Planning and publishing platform Podcave has released a free SEO Analyzer feature to boost discoverability. Users enter a key phrase, title, and description for an episode to be shown “what needs fixed for Google to love it.”
    • World citizen: Audible has recommissioned UK audio producer Listen for a new collection of A Grown-Up Guide, a scientific, educational audio series for families. A Grown-Up Guide to the Oceans follows a successful first season about dinosaurs.
    • Brief scroll: London-based news organization The Telegraph is expanding to audio platforms, reports Lucinda Southern for Digiday. The Briefing podcast is now in wide release following the success of a WhatsApp daily news service.
    • The draft: Billboard reports that Sony Music has hired 4 new podcasting executives. The company has been “notably ramping up its podcasting efforts this year,” including developing Broccoli Content with producer Renay Richardson.

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