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    PodMov Daily: Thursday, January 9

    Episode 117: Your Thursday Podthoughts

    Bullseye: The Targeting Tech of Spotify Ad Insertion

    “Spotify is going to start using its copious amounts of user data to run targeted ads inside its exclusive podcasts,” reports Ashley Carman for The Verge.

    Among yesterday’s announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was a new product: Spotify Ad Insertion, or SAI. The technology allows real-time insertion “based on what it knows about its users, like where they’re located, what type of device they use, and their age, similarly to how the broader web operates.”

    “Targeted advertising remains new ground for podcasts, and the announcement sets Spotify up to potentially branch out beyond its own shows and begin placing ads in other networks’ content,” Carman writes. “If it catches on, Spotify could become a full-blown podcast ad network.”

    Morgan Stanley Survey: Spotify is America's Preferred Podcast Platform

    Podnews reports that according to Morgan Stanley’s 6th Annual Audio Entertainment Survey, “Spotify is now the most popular podcast platform in the US, claiming 24% of podcast listeners surveyed used Spotify while 21% used Apple Podcasts.” The results of the online survey, which polled a “nationally representative 1,961 US adults,” were announced in a private note for investors.

    “The research also claims that people are finding it harder to discover new podcasts, not easier,” observes James Cridland. This finding is consistent with last year’s. According to a January 2019 article, the 5th annual survey sought to “ascertain whether the issue is awareness or discovery, and found that about a quarter of podcast listeners have a hard time finding the podcasts they want.”

    Better Reporter, Better Podcaster: Poynter's Elevated Essentials

    “As the business and demands of journalism continue changing rapidly, one constant remains — reporting,” writes Poynter’s Kristen Hare. For podcasters, sharp reporting skills can make a world of difference in a show’s quality.

    News and true crime may come to mind as reporting-heavy genres, but this collection of tips will benefit nearly any style of storytelling, including fiction. “Use your notebook like a camera,” Hare suggests.

    The article covers best practices for interviews, observations, and artistic practice. “The stories I remember best created an opportunity for me to experience an emotion, a realization, a sense that I was there.”

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    Here's what else is going on:

    • Serious coin: TechCrunch notes that Apple’s “year-end retrospective of its Services business” reports record-setting customer spending on the App Store, reaching “$1.42 billion between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.”
    • Growing louder: The South African radio station Jacaranda FM has been expanding audio offerings, increasing podcast awareness in the country and enabling record download spikes for SA’s largest podcast platform, iono.fm.
    • Driving force: iHeart Media will be releasing a variety of automotive integrations for iHeartRadio, which includes podcasts. Business Wire details Tuesday’s announcement made at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
    • Play ball: According to Bloomberg, Spotify is developing several daily sports podcasts including a 10-minute thematic recap of the day. “Audio programs tailored to fans of specific teams” are reportedly under consideration.

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