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PodMov Daily: Thursday, September 12

Episode 42: Your Thursday Podthoughts

Podfront San Francisco: Major Podcast Networks' Fall Preview

Podfront held an event yesterday at the San Francisco Museum of Art. Publishers and platforms including Authentic, Midroll/Stitcher, NPR, WNYC Studios, and Wondery offered sneak peeks to advertisers, agencies and media. “Stars, producers and industry executives” gave presentations on “new shows, partnerships and trends to expect in the coming months.”

Keynote sessions from Ira Glass, host and executive producer of This American Life, and Edison Research SVP Tom Webster were Podfront highlights. A panel moderated by Roman Mars, host of 99% Invisible and co-founder of Radiotopia, discussed PRX’s “delicate balance” between “the art and business of podcasting.”

The Cost of Creation: 2019 Podcasting Startup Expenses, Explained

Colin Gray knows a thing or two about the doubts of new podcasters. Sometimes it’s equipment, sometimes its confidence. But “much more often than not,” he says, “it’s money.” No matter how much you expect to spend, if any at all, advance planning is essential to “figure out if it’s worth the investment.” So how much does podcasting cost in 2019?

Cost estimates for getting started are arranged into 4 setup scenarios: The Bare Minimum, The High Quality, The Quick Starter, and The Focused Presenter. Whether you’re a hobbyist or looking to start a business podcast, you’ll find yourself in one of Gray’s profiles. Be prepared for success with realistic cash breakdowns for necessities like microphones, hosting, music, and cover art.

Two Years Later: Kristen Meinzer on Podcasting and #MeToo

Two years ago, audio production expert Kristen Meinzer became one of many women to call out workplace harassment. In a thoughtful and productive piece for Salon, Emily Rems speaks to her about the incident’s long-term effects and how podcasting has “set many women free from the terrestrial radio boys’ club.”

“When the podcasting boom happened, I extricated myself from what was once the only game in town,” Meinzer says. Although leaving WNYC was a complex and difficult decision, the “mixed bag” of results has led her to “elevate women’s voices” through podcasting. This retrospective highlights the industry’s obstacles and opportunities while advising its future.

Loving the PM19 Virtual Videos? You're Speaking Our Language

Happy Thursday, readers. Who’s enjoying their Virtual Ticket videos from PM19? Take a page from TEDx speaker Christina Nicholson’s book — let us know which sessions have you fired up and inspired. No Virtual Ticket yet? Grab one here to keep the event’s lessons at your fingertips.


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Here's what else is going on:

  • Ever closer: Podnews reports that 40.2% of new shows on Libsyn in the second quarter of 2019 were hosted by women. Rob Walch, Libsyn’s VP of Podcaster Relations, noted the news on The Feed, the company’s official podcast. Elsie Escobar, co-founder of She Podcasts, is co-host.
  • Digital haystack: Apple is under fire for burying non-Apple apps in its store and flooding search results. The New York Times reports that “If you searched for ‘podcast’ in May 2018, you would have had to scroll through as many as 14 Apple apps before finding one made by another publisher.”
  • Being better: “Inexperience isn’t a crime,” writes Bethany Johnson, but amateur podcast hosts can leave listeners distracted and put off. Treat these dos and don’ts from veterans in the space as a training resource to discover hosting habits that universally connect with audiences.
  • Verbal grout: Filler phrases like “um” and “like” begin to stand out much more when you start podcasting. Kate Cocker has 20 years’ experience in the audio industry, coaching “authentic and impactful communicators.” Her new video aims to help you curb the, um, habit.

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