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PodMov Daily: Thursday, September 5

Episode 37: Your Thursday Podthoughts

Audioboom Partners with Voxnest on Advertising Technology System

Voxnest and Audioboom have announced an advertising technology partnership. The two companies have developed a “scalable podcast advertising system that can quickly deliver ads to Audioboom’s inventory of podcasts.”

Audioboom connected with Voxnest last year in search of a way to advance their advertising technologies. The resulting tool “seamlessly connects to Audioboom’s hosting and distribution platform.” For the existing network of 250 shows it allows “host endorsements and live reads to be delivered at scale, targeted to location, or delivered against a show’s archive.”

Lance Paterson, Audioboom’s VP of Research, is pleased with the outcome: “For the first time we have a system that’s fast, scalable, cost-efficient, easy to operate, and fully adapted for both dynamic host endorsements and spot sales.”

Betaworks Camp Seeking to Back Audio-Focused Startups

Startup studio Betaworks is putting out a call for “audio-focused startups.” Audiocamp, its most recent “camp” program, is a themed concept where the studio “backs a handful of early-stage startups.” Why focus on audio now? Techcrunch reports that Danika Laszuk, head of Betaworks Camp, said that the firm has been interested in this area for a long time. “It was an early investor in podcasting startups Gimlet and Anchor, which Spotify acquired earlier this year,” writes Anthony Ha.

“The current interest in audio isn’t just driven by the podcast boom, but also the opportunities around smart speakers and what Lazsuk said will be ‘the next wave of innovation,’ building ‘audio-first’ services for people who are wearing AirPods and other wireless headphones all the time.” October 15 is the first application deadline — find more information in Lazsuk’s blog post.

The Infinite Noise: Lauren Shippen's Podcast-to-Novel Series

Lauren Shippen, one of this year’s Podcast Movement keynote speakers, is on a roll. The Infinite Noise is the first of three novel adaptations of her award-winning podcast The Bright SessionsKayti Burt at Den of Geek interviewed Shippen about the upcoming “coming-of-age, superpowered” book series.

They discuss the origins of The Bright Sessions, for which The X-Files and Twin Peaks pop up as early influences. The book adaptation has been in the works for quite some time, coming naturally to the author. “When I was writing the first season and then the first 15 episodes of the podcast […] prose is the only writing experience I had up until the first script of The Bright Sessions,” she says.

As more podcasts dovetail with multimedia companions within ‘the show,’ Shippen’s work stands out. Learn about character development, voice acting, future plans and more in this passionate and entertaining profile.

Crowdfunding win: Way to go, More Banana!

This Thursday, congratulations to More Banana Podcasts, entirely hosted and produced by women and non-binary creators, for meeting their recent crowdfunding goal! Enjoy that mac and cheese.

If you value the work of an independent podcast network, let them know.


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Here's what else is going on:

  • See, listen: Pandora now lets users share podcasts and music to Instagram Stories, catching up with a Spotify social feature. Friends tap a “Play on Pandora” button to temporarily access limited Premium content. Rolling out now among “select users” and widely in coming weeks.
  • Sound snacks: Tapebook, a Canadian startup, hopes to evolve the personal podcast space. The “social sound bite” app requires more than one user, “kind of like Twitter, but if you had to record yourself speaking.” Share tapes up to 5 minutes long to an in-app feed.
  • Distinguish destruction: Editing software, perhaps the “most important tool in an editor’s arsenal,” has an often-overlooked aspect. What are the differences between destructive and non-destructive audio editing, and how do they apply to you? The Podcast Host spells out the details.
  • Power play: Gimlet and the Wall Street Journal have formally launched their podcast collaboration. The Journal, a daily show “about money, business and power,” combines Gimlet’s audio storytelling with the WSJ‘s reporting. Spotify’s covering market territory.

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