TikTok May Be “Massively Undervalued” by Podcasters


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TikTok May Be “Massively Undervalued” by Podcasters

TikTok is massively undervalued by podcasters, according to research by Rephonic. As the company puts it, “Dear podcasters: Less Twitter, more TikTok.” The company looked at data across ~1.2 million social media accounts linked up to individual podcasts to find out where creators are focusing their efforts.

Twitter is significantly over-represented across all podcasts, the company finds. But when it comes to the average number of followers for podcast accounts, “TikTok comes in head and shoulders above the rest.” In addition to high average follower count, the platform has very few accounts and a fast-growing user base.

Of course, every podcast (and its target audience) is different. Rephonic emphasizes that listener demographics and their preferred platforms are still a podcaster’s most important compass. But it’s worth checking out the examples they’ve found of podcasts using TikTok effectively with excerpts and original video.

Focus Any Episode With a Single Sentence

There are many reasons why audio stories end up lacking focus, says Rob Rosenthal of HowSound. “The worst reason is, ‘Well, it’s a podcast. The story can be any length.’ Ummm, wrong.” The Transom Story Workshop founder explains how a single ‘focus’ sentence can sum up a story’s entire essence.

At first, the focus sentence template seems too simple: “Someone does something because, but…” However, character, action, motivation, and conflict are all there. This isn’t just fiction: Rosenthal breaks down examples with audio clips, one he wrote for an economics story for the BBC and Marketplace.

Podcasters in any genre can easily end up with a long recording and “no plan for wrangling it — just find good quotes and see what happens.” Instead, it’s best to craft a flexible focus sentence early in the episode planning process. Rosenthal outlines more story-lassoing techniques here.

Simplecast: Real Support for Small Podcasts. Always.

Since 2013, Simplecast has been dedicated to supporting small creators – those that have always driven innovation and creativity in podcasting. Simplecast’s industry-leading tools power shows of every size, from up-and-coming voices to some of the world’s biggest brands.

Podcasting’s open ecosystem is full of opportunity. Simplecast believes that every creator deserves access to the same tools, from deep analytics to magazine features. No matter how the industry changes, Simplecast shows why indie podcasters are never to be overlooked or underestimated.

So ahead and experiment. Try new things, reach new listeners, and get weird. Simplecast is here to help you succeed with powerful solutions to manage, distribute, share, and grow. It’s fast, easy to use, and includes everything you need to get started with real support: Your first two months are free with code PODMOV.

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Closing time: Acast plans to shut down its podcast app later this year. In operation since 2014, the app “does not support the company’s vision of a completely open podcast ecosystem.” For users in need of an alternative, Acast offers recommendations and instructions to make the switch.
  • Get engaged: Monday at 12:00 pm ET is “Radio Boot Camp: Podcast Marketing 101.” Lauren Passell will cover growth fundamentals like finding audience matches and partnerships, setting up promo swaps, getting featured on major apps, and what not to do on social media. $100 registration.
  • Hey, neighbor: Tuesday at 1:00 pm CT is “Secrets of Successful Local Podcasts,” a webinar from Local That Works. Andi McDaniel of City Cast, Harry Clark of Market Enginuity, and Emily Means of Utah’s State Street podcast will discuss crafting stories for community audiences. Free registration.
  • Free launch: A new incubator program from iHeartRadio and Seneca Women aims to support “the next great female podcasters.” 10 finalists will receive training, professional equipment, promotion and distribution, and a cash “greenlight bonus.” Pitches will be accepted until March 21.

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