To Grow Your Podcast Audience, Think Like a Journalist


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, September 16

Episode 286: Your Midweek Update

To Grow Your Podcast Audience, Think Like a Journalist

Jenna Spinelle, the host and producer of the podcast Democracy Works, sees strong parallels between journalism and podcast marketing. In an article for, Spinelle blends the reporter's toolbox with the podcast playbook, sharing concrete examples of both online and offline engagement.

Many conventional promotion methods focus on quantity over quality, Spinelle points out. Journalists model “a better way to find not just an audience, but people who will become true fans.” She explains how to leverage Reddit, professional associations, and events to build relationships and demonstrate your value.

“Just like in journalism, credibility is so important when you are trying to build an audience from scratch, as many indie podcasters are,” Spinelle writes. “Everything is staked on your actions and the reputation you cultivate for yourself.” Note: Timber for Podcasters requires a free signup for access.

Weekly Recap: Announcing PM Virtual's Keynote Speakers

This week’s update reveals the outstanding keynotes at PM Virtual as well as a third round of speakers. We’re pleased to announce a special roundtable discussion featuring Julián Castro, a former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and former U.S. presidential candidate. He is also the host of the all-new Our America podcast. 

Castro will be joined on stage by industry leaders DeRay Mckesson, the producer of The Untold Story: Policing and host of Pod Save the People; Andy Slavitt, former Acting Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and host of In the Bubble; and Lemonada Media founders Jessica Cordova Kramer and Stephanie Wittels Wachs.

The discussion takes on the timely topic of fast-tracked podcast production in the era of fast news cycles, social media dialogue, and on-the-scene activism. The podcasting world is changing, and the conversation is at PM Virtual. Ticket prices increase tonight at midnight ― register now for the best deal.

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Appearing as a podcast guest is proven effective for driving awareness and new sales. It builds your reputation, increases social media traffic, and creates more and better backlinks. How can you best expose your content to new audiences? How can you ensure long-term ROI?

With the downloadable guide “How to Grow Your Audience and Influence By Appearing as a Guest on Podcasts: The 2020 Guide to Podcast Guesting and Podcast Guesting Agencies,” you’ll be ready to amplify your message to thousands of listeners. Preparation pays, and this guide is packed with resources to power your strategy.

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Where you are is not who you are.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Better together: Today at 3:00 pm ET, Acast will host Aclass: Latinx Voices, a free workshop for new and aspiring Latinx podcasters. The virtual event includes two panel discussions with experts like Maria Hinojosa, the anchor of Latino USA and founder of Futuro Media Group.
  • Odd future: Nicholas Quah considers the effects of NPR’s local-national podcast strategy. “This sounds like a small and wonky thing, but it’s really a huge step forward towards whatever public radio is supposed to become” as listenership migrates to digital and on-demand.
  • Variety pack: The Podcast Maker Weekend returns to the London Podcast Festival. Next weekend's virtual sessions will explore the art, craft, technology, business and politics of podcasting. Each will be accessible for 72 hours after streaming. Checkmate, time zones.
  • Fast times: For increasing the efficiency of podcast promotion, James Griffin of Discover Pods suggests The Pareto Principle. Often known as the ‘80/20 rule,’ this timeless framework “helps you to identify the channels that are working, and most importantly, those that aren’t.”

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