A New Partnership Doubles Down on Podcasting’s Future


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, May 11

Episode 643: Your Midweek Update

A New Partnership Doubles Down on Podcasting's Future

Sounds Profitable has gained an invaluable partner. After 18 years with Edison Research, Tom Webster will be joining Bryan Barletta’s podcast adtech publication. The two aim to improve the podcasting business by setting a course for its future based on transparency, access, inclusion, and fair play.

Podcast Movement is thrilled to see this initiative take shape from two longtime ‘friends of the show.’ Their ambitious plans involve content, events, consulting, and Webster’s specialty: research. The first study, The Creators, will be followed by a new Sounds Profitable Quarterly Research Series. 

“We want the same things — to create a playground that supports as many ambitions in the space as possible, just as it has given us a wonderful career,” Webster wrote yesterday. “We are going to get there by making the playing field bigger, the players more diverse, and the game as fair as it can be.”

Acast Tries ‘Conversational Targeting’ for Podcast Ads

Acast will be rolling out adtech that allows advertisers to target conversations happening on podcasts, instead of individual listeners. ‘Conversational targeting’ uses speech-to-text transcription, AI, and natural language processing to place ads within relevant content at an episode level.

“For example, a food delivery service will be able to target individual episodes of a podcast where the hosts discuss what they’re having for dinner, or their love of cooking — even if that happens to be a podcast from a quite different genre,” explained Chris Wistow, VP of Advertising Product. 

Targeting by keyword and sentiment are also in the works at Acast. Sentiment targeting is a fascinating ‘vibe check’ capability based on context. (If a topic is being discussed from a negative angle, they’ll know.) Beyond brand safety, this technology is also used in content moderation.

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Fond farewell: Apple has discontinued production of the last iPod. (We still get to keep ‘podcast.’) Alex Perry of Mashable says it best: “While it’s sad to see the iPod line cross the rainbow bridge, 20 years is a hell of a run.” Your editor had the 3rd generation model in 2003, and it was glorious.
  • Critical mass: “How to Use Mail Merge for Podcast Pitching” is this Tuesday, May 17. Arielle Nissenblatt (EarBuds Podcast Collective) and Tink Media will demonstrate how to set up and execute a mail merge campaign, a shortcut to send many personalized messages at once. Free registration.
  • Curtain call: “The Art of the Scene” from Radio Boot Camp is next Thursday, May 19. Acclaimed instructor Rob Rosenthal (HowSound) will lead a three-hour workshop on how scenes are used in podcast stories, what makes them valuable, how to record them, and more. $100 registration.
  • Go-getter: “DIY Marketing for Independent Podcasts” from SoundPath is coming up Thursday, May 26. Producer and creator Lynn Casper (Homoground) will outline cost-effective strategies to expand your community of listeners with minimal burnout. $20 registration for non-AIR members.

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