Top and Trending: Spotify Debuts New Podcast Charts


PodMov Daily: Thursday, April 15

Episode 408: Your Thursday Podthoughts

Top and Trending: Spotify Debuts New Podcast Charts

Spotify’s freshly revamped podcast charts include a Top Episodes ranking. The whole update is focused on discovery, positioning these platform-specific charts as the Ones That Matter. The company tells podcasters that the new system makes “it more realistic for fast-rising new shows to pierce the bubble.”

The Top Episodes chart is meant to surface trending shows “even if [the] podcast as a whole isn’t being consumed at the same volume.” Gaining followers is the goal: The Top Podcasts chart now factors in follower count in addition to recent listener numbers, its sole metric since launch last summer. 

Spotify is positioning itself as the podcast growth authority, both on- and off-platform. The Trending chart will hold “true culture drivers,” and charts now have a dedicated website in the US. Creators are incentivized more than ever to promote their work internally, certainly not “wherever you get your podcasts.”

RØDE’s Free App Enables Multi-USB Mic Recording

Rode has launched Rode Connect, a free software that solves a common recording problem: using multiple USB microphones on one computer. According to James Trew of Engadget, the new app is “aimed squarely at the home podcaster.” Up to four NT-USB Mini microphones can be controlled within the software.

The one major caveat (“a biggie,” Trew points out) is that there’s still some level of buy-in. At launch, the app works only with the Mini, though “you can jury rig a few things so that you can use other microphones.” Rode confirmed plans to extend compatibility to more of its mics, but no word on use with other brands.

Typically, using multiple USB microphones at once requires a complicated routing setup and dedicated software or hardware. Trew, a longtime Rodecaster Pro user, enjoys that there’s no need to turn on another piece of hardware to record himself and a guest. His overview packs in the pros, cons, and technical details.

The Ken Coleman Show: Career Advice You Can Trust

In this time of economic struggle, career solutions are more urgent than ever. Each week on The Ken Coleman Show, radio veteran and bestselling author Ken Coleman delivers practical advice you can trust. Tune in for caller-driven conversations with actionable answers.

“Ken skillfully meets listeners where they are, whether they’re a seasoned worker who’s been laid off, or furloughed, or the new graduate who’s entering a competitive and challenging job market,” says Brian Mayfield, executive vice president of Ramsey Media, home to The Ramsey Network of shows.

Many of us are in new territory and searching for a plan. Through career transitions, job losses, and more, Ken’s expert insights help thousands plan for a secure future. Ready to build career confidence? Subscribe to The Ken Coleman Show wherever you get your podcasts.

I could not stop talking because now I had started my story, it wanted to be finished. We cannot choose where to start and stop. Our stories are the tellers of us.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Miracle Max: Podiant founder Mark Steadman has built Backup My Podcast, a service that preserves and secures shows owned by the user. It enables restoration to another hosting provider and creates a recovery code, downloadable archive, website with show notes, and an RSS feed.
  • Strong quarter: Podchaser’s #Reviews4Good event is halfway to the finish line. Until April 30, 25 cents will be donated to Meals on Wheels America’s Go Further Fund for every show and episode review left on the platform. When a podcaster replies, Podchaser will double the donation.
  • Post office: Next Thursday at 1:00 pm CT, Libsyn will host “Social Media Best Practices for Podcasters.” Erik Fisher, Agorapulse's Director of Social Media Education, will join Libsyn Community Manager Elsie Escobar to discuss promotion strategies, analysis, and more.
  • Track practice: Podcast advertising has a distinct advantage in a cookieless future, writes CEO Jonathan Gill. As the rest of digital advertising faces an evolve-or-die moment, audio will benefit from its “less intrusive and more effective” methods of audience engagement.

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