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PodMov Daily: Tuesday, August 6

Episode 16: One Week to Go!

2019 Study: Joe Rogan is the Biggest Brand in Podcasting

new study from Coleman Insights reveals that Joe Rogan is the biggest, most influential brand in podcasting. Among monthly podcast users, The Joe Rogan Experience has the highest “Unaided Awareness,” familiar to more than twice as many users than any other show.

The study conducted in May 2019 polled 1,000 monthly users between the ages of 18 and 64. Asked to name as many podcasts as they could think of, regardless of whether they listened to them, 14% of respondents mentioned TJRE. In second place, 6% mentioned Serial. “Figuring out how to cut through and be memorable is a real and daunting, but exciting, challenge for podcasters,” said Warren Kurtzman, President of Coleman Insights.

Considering that TJRE has been on for 10 years, podcasters with lower brand recognition have nothing to worry about! This statistic is just one finding from the study. Those of you at PM19 can see Coleman reveal more onstage at “Outside Thinking for Podcasts,” part of the Industry Track.

A Two-Way Street: Surveying Your Audience

One of the most important pieces of advice for podcasters is to “know your audience.” Beyond determining who might be interested in your show, it helps to collect feedback from the audience you’ve already built. As Lindsay Harris Friel writes for The Podcast Host, “Your current listeners are the best PR team to increase audience growth.”

An audience survey is a free and simple way to get honest critiques, engage with your listeners, and communicate that their opinions matter. As marketing expert Seth Godin is quoted, “Even asking someone a thoughtful question about their satisfaction can increase it.” Friel’s piece suggests platforms to use as well as specific questions to include in your survey.

One great piece of advice: Always ask how your listeners found out about the podcast: “This helps you find out what means of promoting your show are working, and which are getting swept under the rug.” A survey can help you assess your show in a new way, with perspective that only your listeners can provide.

Needs Improvement: How to Evolve Your Interview Podcast

Interview podcasts are one of the most popular categories in 2019, based on “a proven model that we’ve seen played out on television over the decades.” According to Brandon Hull at HelloCast, they could and should be a whole lot better. “Most podcasters are not trained in professional-level conversation to glean deep insights or to pull something more out of guests,” he writes.

Two main aspects are underconsidered: the talent and personality of the host and the prep and grooming of the guest. Using a clip of Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show, Hull points out that a dynamic, quick-witted host makes all the difference.

As for guest prep, consider a pre-interview call or preliminary plan between host and guest. “Most podcast guests aren’t celebrities, or even professional speakers or communicators,” he explains. “They haven’t been primed to come ready to share anecdotes, stories, colorful examples, nor do they have quotes and quips at the ready.” If interviews play any part in your show, it’s worth learning how to engineer better results.

We’re doing a bonus Tweet Tuesday to celebrate one week until PM19! Podcaster Joe Casabona shares his setup for pre-event plans, complete with Forest Moon of Endor glass. We see, we like.

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Podsights introduces open sourcing: Podsights has open-sourced how they count downloads, and is challenging IAB version 2.0 with an “open, transparent” spec “meant to level the playing field for podcasters and publishers alike.” Reactions are sure to follow, and we’ll pay attention.
  • Cleanfeed launches multitrack: Cleanfeed will be unveiling the first browser multitrack recorder at Podcast Movement 2019. Functionality includes individual, downloadable audio files and fast zip file download WAV file collection. New features include advanced editing and background noise removal capability.
  • Focus 360 + Lipstick & Vinyl: The Lipstick & Vinyl podcast network, which focuses on underrepresented voices and shows by women, has a new backer. Focus 360 connects producers and brands and will represent L&V in ad sales. The partnership will help the “stand-out content” reach new ears.
  • Blubrry’s RSS tool returns: Blubrry has relaunched Cast Feed Validator, a free service for podcasters to ensure their RSS feed is working correctly. It provides “a detailed but simple explanation of the feed,” useful for “new or less tech-savvy” podcasters navigating directory requirements.

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