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PodMov Daily: Tuesday, July 30

Episode 11: Boing! It's Newsday Tuesday

Broadcasters Meet Podcasters: Steve Lickteig to Deliver Keynote

In a pre-PM19 post about the Broadcasters Meet Podcasters track, Fred Jacobs of Jacobs Media has announced that Steve Lickteig will be interviewed in a keynote session. Lickteig, “the guy in charge of NBC News’ audio and podcasting division,” is an executive producer involved in projects with Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, and Chuck Rosenberg. His session will take place on the morning of Friday, August 16.

“When it comes to working with high-profile (and perhaps high-maintenance) talent in the podcasting space, Steve is the man,” Jacobs writes. The experts joining Mr. Lickteig as track keynote speakers are Conal Byrne and Eric Nuzum. Byrne, President of the iHeart Podcast Network, will talk experimental mergers on Wednesday morning (Aug. 14). Nuzum, a “brilliant speaker, a serial truth-teller, and a hardcore realist,” was the developer of Invisibilia. His keynote will be on Thursday morning (Aug. 15).

Demystified Guide: iTunes, Apple Podcasts & Podcasts Connect

The iTunes/Apple Podcasts platform remains the largest search directory for podcasts in the world. With announced and rumored changes to Apple’s setup, getting your podcast on iTunes deserves a refresher. This article explains the differences among these 3 and how they function. Terminology for each product is broken down, and screenshots keep the details from being lost in translation.

Follow step-by-step instructions for finding RSS feeds on multiple platforms, including Buzzsprout, Libsyn, Transistor.fm, and Powerpress. If video is more your style, this tutorial guide from article author Colin Gray will clear up any confusion. Whether you’re a podcasting beginner or just want to get it all straight, we recommend a visit. iTunes has been a standard for such a long time that keeping up with the system updates may take a little extra effort. Lucky for you, the work’s been done.

Past and Future Possibilities for Apple's Podcast Strategy

Following the recent Bloomberg story on Apple’s ambition to produce original podcasts, many have wondered about the company’s long-term objectives. Nick Quah recently wrote an article delving into his two cents, theorizing on past and present strategy.

Quah offers insight into why Apple chose not to “monetize podcasts from day one,” and explains the beginnings of podcasting as an “open publishing environment.” Concerns about exclusive podcast territory make sense in the context of Apple’s recent ventures into original content for Apple TV and Apple Arcade, Quah posits.

The presence of podcasting, not to mention the sheer amount of advertising money involved, has grown immensely. Now that Spotify’s positioned to compete, all of that potential revenue and influence could be at stake. Will Apple remain the “impartial steward of podcast-land,” or move to control the players?

Continuing an informal Tweet Tuesday streak, we’re seeing serious enthusiasm for Patrice Washington‘s keynote session at PM19. Glad you enjoyed last year, @MelEdits!


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Here's what else is going on:

  • Podcasting Alaskan Native voices: After studying aerospace, Alice Qannik Glenn returned home to create a “culturally relevant” podcast. Her show Coffee & Quaq, designed to “fill gaps in the presentation of Alaska Native issues,” celebrates and explores aspects of contemporary Native life unrepresented in mass media.
  • Candidates compete for airtime: Each of the 20 Democratic presidential hopefuls who reached the first debates has been on a podcast. Marianne Williamson has been on 43 shows this year alone, followed by Andrew Yang. Specific audiences and extended pitch opportunities make podcast appearances a “hidden primary.”
  • Screenshots for podcasts: An app called Bullet out of Adelaide, Australia, allows users to “share captioned video snippets of podcasts from any podcast app.” Snippets up to 30 seconds long let recipients ‘skim’ to gauge interest. Bullet is free to download and works on top of almost any iOS podcast app.
  • Hence the headphones: UK audio measurement company RAJAR has released study findings for this summer, which indicate that “92% of all listening to podcasts is done alone.” Compared to 54% for live radio, the numbers suggest that UK respondents particularly enjoy a solo listening session.

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