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PodMov Daily: Tuesday, October 15

Episode 65: Testing, One Two-sday

A Powerful “Sisterhood In Sound” at She Podcasts LIVE

To put it mildly, Sheletta Brundidge of the podcast Two Haute Mamas had an excellent time at She Podcasts LIVE. In an essay for Podcast Business Journal, the Minneapolis radio producer joyfully describes the weekend’s energy and education.

“Trying to build the plane and fly it at the same time,” she and co-host Lindy Vincent were in need of some feedback and direction nearly a year in. A chance Google search for podcasting advice led to She Podcasts LIVE at just the right moment: “I had a feeling in my gut that this conference would be something special and bigger than I could imagine.”

“These female podcasters were hungry for knowledge and we got lots of it, let me tell you,” she confirms. “Jess [Kupferman] and Elsie [Escobar] set the tone that showed us that we were being seen as powerful agents for change.”

Zimbabwe's Top Podcast, from Comedy to Current Events

Sadza in the Morning is the most popular podcast in Zimbabwe, which co-host Mukudzei Kandoro says is “both a flex and a fact.” Farai Mudzingwa of technology publication Techzim spoke with “King Kandoro” about the show and plans for the future.

Kandoro and co-host Nickk Titan began the project only to show that “even though we didn’t have connecting beards, we were incredibly funny.” Though they had no expectations going in, the show’s diverse segments now span “politics, society, music, sports, even religion.” They’ve developed Sadza into “a place where people tune in to catch up with weekly happenings.”

“A podcast is an absolutely thrilling way of consuming information and catching up,” says Kandoro. “The growth of Sadza in the Morning has also seen the growth of our responsibility with each passing week.” The show has seen revenue growth as well thanks to Patreon, PayPal, and advertising spots.

Social Justice Lightning Rod: Podcast Creator Vince on While Black

Following the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, podcast creator Vince realized he needed to “utilize his platform to enlighten folks on what it’s like to be Black in America.” NewsOne spoke to Vince about the podcast While Black, launched in 2018.

“My social channels have a diverse audience and I understood the influence of my reach,” Vince said. “I turned my social media feed and my platform into a social justice lightning rod.” He and his co-host, Art, interview a range of guests in diverse spaces, from music and medicine to finance and parenting.

The educational and entertaining podcast often highlights other Black podcasters in a move Vince hopes will raise representation in the medium. A key part of the mission is to be “reminding and reassuring individuals that their perspectives add value to conversations.”

A New Stage for Women's Podcasting

Happy Tuesday, readers, and congratulations to Kristen Meinzer of By the Book and all who celebrated this weekend at She Podcasts LIVE. We hear the speakers, sessions, connection and conversation were seriously special

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Class dismissed: Paris-based Studio Ochenta has launched its second narrative podcast, Wine School Dropout. Host Tanisha Townsend of Girl Meets Glass will teach listeners “everything they need to know about wine but are afraid to ask” — available in English, French and Spanish.
  • Singapore sound: Today Online profiles the hosts of Singapore podcast Okletsgo, which has “topped the local Spotify podcast charts since March.” Its “raw and unapologetic” content casually delivered by three former radio DJs aims to “obliterate the wall between hosts and listeners.”
  • Major media: The EDvolution Center at Southeast Missouri State University has added a podcasting booth to its resource lineup. The “sound-baffled, muted space” includes a Mac computer with GarageBand and Screencastify, plus a Blue Yeti microphone with dual filters for interviews.

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