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PodMov Daily: Tuesday, October 22

Episode 70: Your Newsday Tuesday

Podcasting Overtime? Support Your Goals by Managing Minutes

“To be brutally honest, you do have time to podcast,” writes Lindsay Harris Friel for The Podcast Host. In a wide-ranging and empathetic article, Friel takes on the issue of the time it takes to create an audio show — and why so many struggle to pull it off.

The essential concepts sound simple: free up time, be more productive with the time you do have, and remove obstacles so you can work on your podcast. Where most time-management advice ends, Friel digs in with actionable suggestions. With organizational tools like Trello and an extra 30 minutes from an earlier alarm, your episode can become more manageable.

One example of many: Instead of idle Instagram scrolling, a dedicated note-taking app for your podcast may be a better use of those minutes. “Think about it this way: is looking at social media (or any other habit, really) helping you get your show planned, scripted, edited, uploaded, and so on?” Friel asks. “If not, then cut down.”

Podchaser's Feed Debuts: An Interactive “IMDb of Podcasting”

Podnews reports that Podchaser has released its Podchaser Feed tool, “a real-time personalized newsfeed of the latest podcast episodes, guest appearances, ratings & reviews, curated lists, follows, and more from across podcasting.”

Drawing from a podcast database with “over 3,000,000 creator & guest credits,” this “IMDb of Podcasting” allows users to rate and review shows and episodes. While the original Podchaser alerted users to new releases from followed creators, the new Feed is much more geared toward discovery.

The social sharing and aspect makes reviews and commentary much more visible than on discrete platforms. A main takeaway for creators, according to the Feed’s developers, is that it can drive engagement to your podcast and increase exposure to potential listeners.

Forbes on the Intuitive Symbiosis of Audiobooks and Podcasts

Last week’s deal between Voxnest’s podcasting platform, Spreaker, and Italy-based digital book distributor StreetLib “will let StreetLib’s book publishers create podcasts and Spreaker’s podcasters create and distribute digital books or audiobooks.”

Forbes reports on the partnership which includes a technology integration with “special benefits” for clients. “For podcasters […] the easy access to book publishers can be a big boon, since their audience is already eager to hear more from them,” writes Adam Rowe. “A book can crystalize the podcasters’ success in a durable format.”

Audiobooks have rapidly grown in popularity alongside podcasts, making cross-pollination a wise move. As estimated by the Audio Publishers Association, audiobook revenues hit $940 million in 2018 — “the seventh year in a row of double-digit revenue growth.”

Happy Tuesday, readers, and a slightly belated Happy Birthday to Sean Howard, producer and co-director of Alba Salix. Everything about Sunday’s PodTales festival looked like fun, but Sean upped the ante with candy. That’s the spirit.

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Expert mode: In a detailed profile of Spotify’s impact on the music industry, Fortune’s Andrew Nusca asks, “Now what?” Since “saving” the record business in the 2000s, the company has to contend with the “home court advantage” (devices) and “extraordinarily deep pockets” of its rivals.
  • Support system: A Luminary Fellowship for podcast journalism in public broadcasting has been established at 3 U.S. universities by the The Sacks Family Foundation. The paid fellowships will sponsor students pursuing related careers with the goal of boosting diversity in the field.
  • Love language: The Frolic Podcast Network launched yesterday, collecting 13 “romance-centric podcasts” in a variety of genres. The partnership between Frolic Media and MWM Universe will host shows including the popular interview series Smart Podcast, Trashy Books by Sarah Wendell.
  • Shop talk: ART19 and the audio intelligence platform Veritonic have released results from a recent ad effectiveness study on targeting ads toward business decision makers. A “hyper-targeting” method of focusing ads within specific industries showed “significant impact” in recall.

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