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PodMov Daily: Tuesday, October 8

Episode 60: Testing, One Two-sday

Ireland's Beloved and Rapidly Growing Podcasting Landscape

With the Cork Podcast Festival coming up October 11 – 13 and the Dublin Podcast Festival slated for November, it’s the perfect time to highlight Ireland’s podcasting scene. Elaine Burke for Silicon Republic reports on a few of the country’s podcasters “ready to take a bite out of an expanding listenership.”

Liam Geraghty, for example, began his career in radio and has become “an international award-winner in the field” of podcasting. Geraghty, along with “fellow seasoned audio storytellers” Colette Kinsella and Julien Clancy, founded The Warren, “a new network of Irish podcasts joining the HeadStuff Podcast Network, The Tortoise Shack and plentiful independent pods.”

Burke’s favorites among the country’s “impressively varied collection” include Darach Ó Séaghdha’s Motherfoclóir, “a fun frolic through the Irish language.” Thanks to a “rich and diverse community of support,” Burke concludes that “there can only be more goodies for our earphones to come.”

POC in Audio Directory Update: 60% Growth in 60 Days

At the beginning of August, we reported on the new POC in Audio directory, created by 5 professionals to challenge the “overwhelming whiteness” of the industry. The directory serves as a hub for employers to find candidates of color while simultaneously demanding respect and thoughtful practices.

At the time, the curated database had approximately 500 individual profiles of “engineers, editors, hosts, producers and content strategists of color.” Now, two months later, the directory has grown by 60%. According to a just-published article in Current, the resource has “over 800” profiles. It even “allows users to define searches with criteria such as city and job type,” making it easier than ever for potential employers to find top-notch talent.

Thanks to Phoebe WangAdizah EghanZakiya GibbonsAliya Pabani, and Afi Yellow-Duke for creating this important resource, and congratulations on its success.

iPlayer, the BBC's Streaming Platform, Revamping to Include Podcasts

The BBC is overhauling its iPlayer, with “a new-look version of the streaming service to be rolled out next year.” Variety reports that the internet streaming, catchup, television and former radio service is already popular in the U.K. — “In September, it registered its busiest week ever, with 90 million programs requested.”

The revamp is the BBC’s answer to growing competition from Netflix. Called “a new front door for British creativity” by the BBC director general, it will include “live streaming, catch-up, box-sets, and podcasting.” Pre-released commentary from BBC programming chief Charlotte Moore states that “iPlayer will become ‘the heart of everything we do.’”

Moore’s comments underscore the human element behind its “cutting-edge” technology: “In a world of so much content and choice, a dynamic curated offering will become more and more important to people and will set the BBC apart.” The date of the relaunch has yet to be announced.

The Warren: Ireland's Bright Den of Audio Storytelling

Happy Tuesday, readers, and congratulations to the creators of The Warren. “Home to the most remarkable and innovative podcasts in Ireland,” The Warren is a brand-new network celebrating the nation’s “soil rich in stories.” A warren, by the way, is a network of rabbit burrows. #animalfacts



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Here's what else is going on:

  • Later, ’tunes: Apple’s latest major Mac update, macOS Catalina, launched yesterday. iTunes is gone, replaced by Apple Podcasts to house the medium. The app features “advanced search tools to allow users to search episodes by current events, people and even phrases.”
  • Perkins perk: Audioboom reports that its revenues for the first 9 months of 2019 “more than doubled from the same period in 2018, from $6.8bn to $15.5m.” Another boost: Comedian Sue Perkins, recently added to the network’s host roster, will release her interview show on October 10.
  • Beyond cassettes: The Bookseller’s publishing conference, FutureBook Live, is November 28 in London. The event features exclusive audiobook market research from Harris Interactive: why audiences choose audiobooks over podcasts,” how and why they listen, and how habits adapt.
  • Shield field: Microphone shields, usually made of foam, reduce reverberation and room noise. The Podcast Host has posted a guide to these nifty tools that includes budget and DIY-options. From a $299 sci-fi shell to a literal dome-shaped cat bed, there’s a solution for every creator.

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