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PodMov Daily: Tuesday, September 17

Episode 45: Your Newsday Tuesday

The Making of Gimlet's Custom Brooklyn Production Space

As Gimlet grew from “a humble studio operation” into the podcasting powerhouse it is today, how did its home base evolve? The network’s “custom, 28,000 square-foot production facility in Brooklyn” was designed by none other than the Walters-Storyk Design Group.

Acoustician John Storyk began his career in 1969, creating the world-class Electric Lady Studios for Jimi Hendrix. The Next Web sat down with Storyk to discuss the challenges of designing Gimlet’s 12 podcasting studios. Although the rooms “vary dramatically in size and shape,” their sound qualities had to be consistent across long term projects.

In podcasting, “the competition is getting more intense,” acknowledges Storyk. As the “level of production gets better and more sophisticated,”  the finest of recording spaces will increase in demand.

All Things Comedy Podcast Network Partners with Wondery

The All Things Comedy podcast network, founded by comedians Bill Burr and Al Madrigal, has announced a partnership with Wondery. Wondery has quickly climbed the ranks in size and quality, having “claimed the #1 and #2 top new shows in 2018.”

All Things Comedy, owned and operated by comedians, has produced hit Netflix specials from Bill Burr and Whitney Cummings. Al Madrigal is keen on the creator advantage built into the new agreement. “We wanted to protect our fellow comedians from losing control of their IP and band together to promote one another,” Madrigal says of ATC. “This partnership with Wondery takes that vision to a supercharged level.”

Hernan Lopez, founder and CEO of Wondery, brings it full circle: “Podcasting started with comedy, and it started with Bill Burr. We’re beyond excited to bring All Things Comedy’s current and future shows to new advertisers and listeners around the world.”

Visual Art & Audio: Susan Stamberg's “See It On The Radio”

Susan Stamberg, the first woman to anchor a national nightly news program, did so for 14 years on NPR’s All Things Considered. Now reporting on culture for Morning Edition, “she’s often covering the visual arts in a medium without visuals.” Stamberg revealed her nuanced and experimental process in a piece published by Transom.

“The goal is to get listeners to SEE the exhibition through words alone, and maybe, if I’m lucky enough to stumble on them, some ambient sounds,” Stamberg explains. “I look for the story, and let the artwork itself serve as its background.” Describing the visual is a key skill for podcasters, all of whom can find value in this reading.

Surfing Good Vibes from PM19? You're in Good Company

Happy Tuesday, readers. We’d like to congratulate Simplecast on the success of their PM19 events and subsequent warm fuzzy vibes. If a certain session or gathering still has you inspired, reach out and let the presenter know.


Team PM

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Miami connection: Revolución Network is a new Miami-based Latinx podcast platform. Radio personality Humberto “El Gato” Rodriguez hopes to streamline discovery for Latinx-created content. Revolución is home to 23 podcasters with original shows and looking to grow.
  • Worldly webinar: Edison Research will present a webinar on the first Infinite Dial South Africa study. Tomorrow, September 18 at 8:00am EDT, tune in to find out about “the latest digital audio, social media, mobile, radio, and podcast habits” of the country’s major metro residents.
  • Sound Antonio: TexasPodCon will hold its first event in San Antonio, October 25 – 26. Designed to “break down the barrier” to podcasting, the gathering will feature activities “from open forums to hands-on demonstrations” geared toward those interested in branded audio.
  • Content crew: Brand-consumer relationships are changing, and content marketing has become a leading force in advertising. Interested in tricks of the trade? Built In spoke to three expert content marketers about their industry experience and “tips for outsiders trying to break in.”

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