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PodMov Daily: Tuesday, September 24

Episode 50: Testing, One Two-sday

OzPod 2020: Australia's Industry Conference Coming Soon to Melbourne

On October 3, Melbourne, Australia will host OzPod, the premier industry conference for the country’s growing podcasting scene. Created and curated by ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Audio Studios, the event’s goal is to “connect radio networks, independent podcasters and start-ups as a forward-thinking, united industry.”

The keynote speakers will be Owen Grover, CEO of Pocket Casts, and Dan Blank, the animation artist and creator of Carrier. Panels and discussions with “industry-leading storytellers, producers and innovators” will round out the packed schedule.

On the evening prior to the event, proactive ticketholders can enjoy “a power-hour of pod-mingling.” This free networking event is an opportunity to speak to “some of the best in the industry” about your experience and getting started. Space is limited to 50 attendees; register here.

Podcast Analytics for Advertisers: A Background

The need for a standardized metrics system in podcasting affects every side of the industry. AW360’s Hugh Armitage outlines the issue’s background as it relates to advertisers. Potential sponsors in particular want as much data as possible to measure a podcast’s reach, or realistic nature of impressions.

In 2017 the IAB launched its first Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines in an attempt to standardize “how the podcasting industry reports download numbers, listening behavior and ad deliveries.” The same year, NPR released their system, Remote Audio Data (RAD), which can measure “how far its audience gets through its podcasts and whether they listen to ads or skip them.”Apple and Spotify have their own analytics platforms as well.

Scott Klass, SVP of marketing at audio effectiveness company Veritonic, sums up metrics from the advertiser’s point of view: “Part of the question is which companies are going to go above and beyond the baseline requirement and give their buyers as much data as possible to make truly informed decisions.”

Shampoodler and the Future of Podcast Fandom

Comedy podcast aficionados may recognize Shampoodler, perhaps “the most integrated fan in the comedy podcast ecosystem.” The character, embodied by a dog wearing a wig and sunglasses, is played by an anonymous listener. In 2015, the longtime fan of Comedy Bang Bang started contributing jingles and catchphrases to Scott Aukerman’s hallowed universe.

Four years later, Shampoodler enjoys “intersectional shout-outs” across comedy shows like Doughboys and Blank Check. “His efforts, as minimal as he makes clear they are, have earned Shampoodler a certain localized level of internet fame,” writes Joe Berkowitz in a profile for Fast Company.

More shows are lending themselves to a two-way podcast-fan relationship by design. Shampoodler is currently most active on the Twitch show/podcast Jack AM, which “streams online and has a chat interface built right into the medium.” When audience participation gets strange, we’re all the better for it.

New Shows, Free Trips: PM's 28-Day Challenge Returns

Happy Tuesday, readers. Beginning October 1, PM’s 28-Day Challenge will return for a second year. Registered participants who successfully launch their new podcast within the challenge period will have the chance to attend Podcast Movement in 2020 — on us. Read all the details and sign up below.

Force has no place where there is need of skill.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Hacker slacker: Podnews reports on a fresh plagiarism scandal, this time taken from a podcast to print. The Western Australian, a Perth newspaper, claimed to have interviewed a fugitive hacker but took every quote from an episode of Jack Rhysider’s The Darknet Diaries.
  • Storied cast: Podcasters Zack Akers and Skip Bronkie (Limetown) and Anna Priestland (Letters of Love in WW2) were honored at Variety‘s 10 Storytellers to Watch luncheon. Alongside creators of film, literature, and plays, they discussed writing, inspiration, and future projects.
  • Prolific terrific: Lauren Shippen’s debut novel The Infinite Noise, based on The Bright Sessions podcast, was released today. The Mary Sue’s Jessica Mason sat down with Passenger List co-creator to discuss her packed creative schedule and the future of audio fiction.
  • Sci-fi in hi-fi: Audio fiction’s in the spotlight at Atlanta’s Multiverse Con, a “fan-focused convention celebrating science fiction and fantasy in all media,” October 18 – 20. Podcasting speakers include Preeti Chhibber (Desi Geek GirlsStrong Female Characters) and Shannon Strucci (Critical Bits).

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