Twitter’s New ‘Create’ Hub for Podcasters


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, May 25

Episode 652: Your Midweek Update

Twitter’s New ‘Create’ Hub for Podcasters

Twitter has rebranded its Twitter Media site to “Twitter Create,” a resource hub organized by industry. Podcasters have their own section, alongside sports, gaming, music, and others. Though Twitter isn’t introducing any new features, the resources and tips are well-tailored to podcasters’ needs.

Thorough guides like ‘how to make your podcast stand out on the timeline’ and ‘Twitter Spaces for podcasters,’ are sprinkled with solid promotion ideas. Even for you Twitter experts, the manual is worth a visit for flattery: Podcasters have “some of the most meaningful, viral, and downright juicy” accounts. Oh my.

In Podcasting, “It’s OK to Stop Doing Things.” Really.

“Lying to yourself is so easy to do when you are passionate about something,” writes The Double Shift creator Katherine Goldstein. For three years, the journalist’s acclaimed podcast has explored the tough realities of motherhood in America. Now, at the show’s close, she does the same for podcasting and parenthood.

Through the pandemic chaos, Goldstein’s ‘side project’ has taken a vast majority of her time and energy. (A “high-quality journalistic podcast on a tiny budget with no institutional support in a fiercely competitive media landscape” will do that.) What matters is the pivot, which she and her co-host have done beautifully.

Every creator needs an example like this. Last year Aria Bracci wrote a great piece on what happens when podcasters voluntarily hit pause. “I think this is an essential part of reducing the prevalence of this problem,” she said, referring to burnout and feeling creatively trapped. “It’s time to normalise ending things.”

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To be a revolutionary you have to be a human being. You have to care about people who have no power.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Sounds legit: The FTC is considering changes that would tighten guidelines for advertisers that use endorsements. Podcast ads in general would need “audible disclosure” of sponsorship. However, host-read testimonials can easily get around the proposed rules as long as no outright lies are involved.
  • Taking names: Michael Lim (Collective West) regrets not building the infrastructure to own an audience. Looking back on choosing Anchor, the podcaster offers constructive advice: “Just remember, if the platform is free, you’re the product. And the audience you build is owned by the platform, not you.”
  • House blend: “Managing Your Friends” from SoundPath is next Wednesday, June 1. Amanda McLoughlin and Eric Silver, founding members of the podcast company Multitude, will show how to detangle personal dynamics from creative work when you collaborate. $10 registration for non-AIR members.
  • Learning curve: Apple is expanding its Creative Studios programs for radio and podcasting. Young participants in Berlin, Paris, Nashville, and Chicago will be matched with mentors for education, training, and feedback. Some Apple retail stores will also host free public sessions for beginner creators.

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