UK Listeners Pay the Most Attention to Podcast Ads


PodMov Daily: Thursday, March 17

Episode 610: Your Thursday Podthoughts

UK Listeners Pay the Most Attention to Podcast Ads

Podcast advertising commands the highest levels of attention of any media channel, according to new research from The Guardian. The British newspaper commissioned a nationwide study which found that 65% of listeners paid attention to podcast ads, “more than adverts on TV at 39% and adverts on the radio at 38%.”

The Guardian is a commercial podcast publisher, and the press release directly appeals to advertisers (as press releases do). But the findings are fairly consistent with American impressions of podcast advertising. (A refresher if needed: ‘Nationwide’ means the UK: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.)

Most compelling is the “multiplier effect,” or how podcasts boost the efficacy of other channels. When combined with a visual display campaign, overall “trust levels” increased from 45% to 63%. This gives brands an easy on-ramp without the pressure to make a dramatic switch. Hosts, well done on those reads.

Two Ways to Travel with Curated Podcast Lists

PodGuides, a new platform from iHeartRadio, is a map “pinned with location-specific, user-generated podcasts.” Episodes are curated for 70+ destinations, and users can browse topics like family vacations. Austin, Texas has four playable episodes, but there are no details about or links to the shows themselves.

Thanks to Podnews editor James Cridland for pointing out, “a similar platform with many more podcasts available.” We checked out a diverse, 30-episode playlist for North Carolina and many more for Los Angeles, California. Users can filter by 17 categories, including Arts, Comedy, History, and True Crime. HD Audio and Video Recording, Made Easy is an ultra high-quality recording solution for both audio and video. Separate tracks for each guest are recorded locally, making them look and sound like they’re right in your studio. In uncompressed WAV audio and up to 4k video, every detail is clear and perfectly in-sync. 

70,000 users — including Guy Raz, Gary Vee, and The New York Times — trust Riverside to deliver outstanding results. Local recording eliminates choppiness and delays, so every take is a breeze to edit. Plus, automatic backup and progressive uploading keep your files secure and quick to access.

Ready to make studio-quality podcasts without the hassle? Riverside is packed with powerful features like multi-platform live streaming, screen sharing, video call-in, and more. Create an account for 60 minutes of free recording, no credit card needed.

Teaching is only demonstrating that it is possible. Learning is making it possible for yourself.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Listening group: Twitter’s Podcasts tab “seems to be a feed of podcast episodes shared by the people I follow through Tweets,” reports tech researcher Jane Manchun Wong. The tab doesn’t appear to have a podcast player on its own. Wong first spotted the developing Podcasts tab on March 2.
  • All welcome: Today at 4:00 pm ET is “She Podcasts: The State of Podcasting,” an all-women panel hosted by Libsyn. Elsie Escobar will moderate a future-focused discussion on discovery and measurement, listener engagement, and shaping a podcast career to fit your life. Free registration.
  • Stay curious: Next Thursday, March 24, Spotify’s Sound Up team will host a Q&A session on Spotify Greenroom. The latest accelerator program is focused on the Kids & Family category and will facilitate pilot production for 10 aspiring creators. Applications are open to US residents until April 8.
  • Genius bar: “Making Radio Ambulante from SoundPath is coming up Thursday, March 31. Host and creator Daniel Alarcón will go behind the scenes of his award-winning NPR podcast, telling uniquely Latin American stories in Spanish for nearly a decade. $10 registration for non-AIR members.

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