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PodMov Daily: Wednesday, August 28

Episode 32: What's Up This Wednesday

Choices, Choices: More Platforms Open Up “For Podcasters”

Now that both Spotify for Podcasters and Pandora for Podcasters have launched, creator options have expanded significantly. Manual podcast inclusion has become the norm for major players.

In this week’s Hot Pod, Nicholas Quah imagines an eventual outcome where “listening is broadly spread.” Working through the benefits and inconveniences of diversifying one’s show’s platforms, he puts it this way: “You now have three plots of land to prospect for gold, where you used to have just the one.”

One of Tom Webster‘s insights from his Podcast Movement keynote comes to mind. Essentially, podcasters must meet potential listeners where they are, and those listeners will not be constrained by platform-specific gates.

Play Fair: Know the Rules to Support Your Sources

Amidst new and resurfacing plagiarism allegations against The Dollop, intellectual property in podcasting has remained a hot topic. Slate journalist Josh Levin explained in a Twitter thread how the comedy-history show lifted from one of his 2013 articles. Copyright regulations and their applications can be murky when it comes to podcasting.

As Podnews points out, “This is not a podcasting problem. This is a media problem.” That said, it’s essential to be aware of established guidelines. This article from PlagiarismToday, mentioned by Levin, helps break down fair game vs. red flags. Learn about copyright’s idea-expression dichotomy and the factors that weigh into Fair Use.

More Banana: Women's Podcast Network Adds 10 Shows

The podcast network More Banana, a partner of Lipstick & Vinyl, will be adding 10 shows to its lineup. Both networks focus on content made by and for women. Self-described as “women’s voices, uninterrupted,” Brooklyn-based More Banana is all about connection. (The name stems from the fact that humans and bananas share ~50% of our genes.)

Founder Cait Moldenhauer shares in a show intro, “We’ve grown to 10 podcasts with 15 women and non-binary creators, which is way beyond what I ever expected.” Lipstick & Vinyl CEO Allyson Marino says that she’s looking forward to “advanc[ing] our purpose of developing engaging content that speaks to women across their varied interests and lifestyles.”

Equality and Worth: Leave Expectations Behind

This Wednesday’s tweet comes from the founder of Lipstick & Vinyl. It’s an actionable suggestion that communicates your worth equally. Activate thy audience.


Team PM

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Playlists ahoy: According to Podnews, Spotify will be rolling out user-generated podcast playlists. “Users will be able to make their own podcast playlists, and also mix podcasts and music; and share those lists with others.” The full feature is expected by the end of next week.
  • In a nutshell: Captivate is a new media hosting service launching from Rebel Base Media. The Podcast Host gives a detailed overview on the platform’s functions and performance. Learn about key features like stats and analytics, website features, and dashboard capabilities.
  • Motor City sounds: Detroit’s podcast production community is going strong. Jonathan Galloway’s Audio Wave Network has grown to nearly 20 shows. Motor City Woman Studios, run by Robin Kinnie, is planning to launch the Audio Engineers of Detroit initiative with a full audio curriculum.
  • Snack size: Can a 6-second ad be effective? Jacobs Media says yes, and so can brief content. Grammar Girl‘s popular 6-minute episodes are just the beginning. For podcasts, ideal length is “not what determines their success and popularity. It’s not the package – it’s what you do with it.”

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