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PodMov Daily: Wednesday, December 18

Episode 108: Your Midweek Update

Beyond Downloads: Jenna Spinelle's Three Meaningful Metrics

This Wednesday’s guest feature is from journalism professor Jenna Spinelle, host and producer of the Democracy Works podcast. Spinelle explains how to reframe the significance of download numbers, even though they may seem like the only true indicator of a show’s progress.

From quality of listener engagement to the value of influence, you’ll find three major alternative metrics to  measure and report on growth. Spinelle writes from experience in producing original podcasts for organizations, like the McCourtney Institute for Democracy at Penn State.

Instead of dwelling on downloads, “focus on how you can use the podcast as a stepping stone to grow in other ways,” Spinelle suggests. “At the end of the day, your podcast is a unique way to communicate your mission, vision, and values to an audience who actively wants to hear it.”

PM's Weekly Community Recap: LA Speakers and a Jump-Start

This week’s PM community update brings good tidings — the first round of speakers for Podcast Movement Evolutions. Aaron Mahnke, Amanda McLoughlin, and many others will present expert sessions this February at the Millennium Biltmore in Los Angeles.

Give yourself or a friend the gift of support with the next 28-Day Launch challenge. We’re proud to partner with Acast for this next free session beginning January 1. Register through December to get your podcast from zero to ready-to-go.

Two Horsemen: Nick Quah Assesses the Spotify/Apple Playing Field

Nick Quah’s far-reaching assessment of the Year of Our Podcast 2019 “couldn’t be clearer: there was Spotify, and there were the ripple effects of Spotify.”

Effective brand management and galvanized public image aside, the audio megapresence seems to have the “intent of assuming some baseline control of the [medium’s] value creation.”

“I think it’s safe to say that podcasting, once a community that owed its health to Apple’s impartial stewardship, is now distinctly a two-horse race,” Quah asserts.

Delving into podcasting’s relationship with Hollywood, engineered profit streams, and other corners of the monetization maelstrom, Quah anticipates Apple’s attempt at a comeback.

Spext: Intuitive, Web-Based Audio Editing for Every Creator

Your audio files have limitless potential, but you have limited time. Whether you’re creating your next best podcast episode or transcribing an interview, Spext is your new best friend.

Spext is the most intuitive web-based audio editor on the market, with collaborative functionality similar to Google Docs. Unlike other programs, there’s nothing to download and no waveforms to adjust. Simply trim the auto-generated transcript, add music from the built-in library, and merge in minutes.

Post-production is done in a click, and with non-destructive and exportable edits you can repurpose and share with confidence. Plus, because filler words like “um” are universal, Spext supports over 100+ languages and accents.

From indie media creators to marketing teams, busy industry professionals trust Spext with their most important projects.

You’re smart — your audio editor should be, too. Get started with a free trial today.

Ask anyone who’s successful how they got there, and you’re going to hear a different story.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Promo code: Matthew McLean’s “ultimate guide” to podcast promotion ventures beyond routes and options. The Podcast Host reviews common mistakes, suggesting innovative solutions and helpful articles.
  • Heavy medal: As we noted last week, for the first time Pulitzer will honor a creator in the Audio Reporting category. Entries must be submitted by January 24 and may not contain preroll advertising.
  • Evolving story: In other media milestone news, the Radio Television Digital News Association recently announced that the 2020 Edwin R. Murrow Awards will include a podcast journalism category.
  • Fancy that: U.K. banking brand Virgin Money hopes to entice “established affluent” customers toward a new current account with ‘digital plus human’ perks. In-branch podcasting studios target the “tech savvy.”

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