Wednesday Guest Feature: 10 Pro Storytelling Resources for Podcasters


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, July 1

Episode 238: Your Midweek Update

Wednesday Guest Feature: 10 Incredible Storytelling Resources for Podcasters

This Wednesday’s guest feature takes Doug Fraser’s Pro Storytelling series on the road. The documentary filmmaker and podcaster behind What We Do shares 10 outstanding resources that can help podcasters pin down and illustrate compelling narratives. When the path gets away from us, where can we turn?

“Storytelling is at the heart of our lives — it’s how we teach and learn lessons, create art and take away a listener’s breath with an enthralling podcast,” Fraser writes. Some recommendations, like Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat, are classics. Others take cues from screenwriting masters, Pixar wizards, and beyond.

Hit podcasts have taught that nothing tops truly original storytelling style. Though the medium may be new, the arc of a successful story is as old as time. Read these, Fraser says, but use your instinct: “Pull the truths, triumphs, failures and sticky details from your life experiences and inject them into your stories.”

Weekly Community Recap: PM University and SHIFT 2020

Looking for a place to network and grow your community? This week’s update introduces Podcast Movement University, a new social platform that connects podcasters with other creators and industry professionals through conversations, groups, and weekly events. We asked and you answered — join for free to stay in the loop on fresh ideas and year-round education.

On July 14, get social with the PM team and other members for the University kickoff event: SHIFT 2020. The virtual conference includes keynotes, connections, and conversations with podcasting experts. Register by joining the SHIFT group within PM University. In other news, the 28-Day Launch Challenge returns! Register by July 5 to get that show started.

Spreaker’s Publisher Plan: Large-Scale Podcasting, Solved

It’s no secret that podcasting is essential to the marketing strategies of thousands of publishers. With Spreaker’s new Publisher Plan, enterprises and networks have a truly customizable solution for managing and monetizing massive amounts of audio content.

Spreaker’s popular enterprise level plan raised the bar in 2019. Now, the Publisher Plan offers a truly turnkey solution to the challenges of large-scale podcast operations. With a pay-as-you-go pricing structure and no download limits, it’s a complete platform that thrives on flexibility.

With Network Collaboration, users can extend higher-level permission to teammates involved across the network’s shows. The Organization feature gives one admin the power to bring every Network under one account, while maintaining different admin levels and permissions. Plus, Ad Manager makes it simpler to fully monetize your audio across all networks.

Publishers have specific needs — Spreaker specializes in solutions. Ready to find yours?

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Halfway point: In Hot Pod’s mid-year check-in, Nicholas Quah asks an important question while discussing the industry’s developments. “Will it actually follow through on its potential to become genuinely new — and more humane — from the ground-up?”

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